Have you ever thought about what you’re putting in and around your body?

We have.

Royal is a fine dining experience. Other sexual wellness brands are crappy fast food. We make all of our products from all natural non-toxic, vegan-friendly, ingredients and materials because what goes in and around your body matters.

Condoms that break and tear are NOT cool. Each Royal product is FDA cleared and triple tested (cruelty free) so you’re never compromised during use.

Our Story

Our founder, Neil Mehta, has a passion for healthcare and public health. While receiving his Master’s in Public Health in New York City, he saw that there are sexual health products out there that haven’t changed since the 1920s. He thought that your sexual experience should engage all your senses, keep you safe and healthy, while feeling luxurious. From there, Royal was born, the first luxury brand of all natural sexual health products.
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