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Modern Day Sex Kit

Modern Day Sex Kit

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Modern sex has changed for many of us. The Modern Day Sex Kit allows you to have safe sex in the most modern way. Your kit comes with premium condoms, organic lube, post-intimacy cleansing wipes and 3 filtered face masks so you still get to have fun even if you and your partner need to take extra precautions.

  • 10 Condoms, 2.5 oz. Organic Personal Lubricant, 30 Single Wrapped Body Wipes Box & 3 Filtered Face Masks
  • 100% Vegan, Organic & Gluten-Free Ingredients
  • No Artificial Fragrances or Alcohol, Maintains Vaginal pH Balance
  • Water-Based Lube for Moisture & Comfort, Ideal for Sensitive Skin
  • 1 Red, 1 Grey, 1 Black Mask. Comes With Additional Filter Inserts
  • Anti-Dust, Anti-Bacterial Polyester/Cotton Face Masks
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