Sweet Strawberry

Sweet Strawberry.
Sweet Strawberry.
Sweet Strawberry.
Sweet Strawberry.
Sweet Strawberry.
  • Great-Tasting, Ingestible-Safe Strawberry Flavored Ultra Thin Condoms
  • Strong & Trusted, FDA-Cleared & Triple-Tested (Cruelty Free)
  • Vegan, Organic & Gluten-Free With No Spermicide
  • Made With Sustainably-Sourced, Natural Rubber Latex
  • Covered with pH-Balanced Lubricant for Total Comfort
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Royal condoms are made to fit snug, with enough room for those more endowed among us.

  • Length - 182 mm minimum
  • Width - 53-54 mm
  • Thickness - 0.064-0.075 mm
  • Lubricant - 2.5 fl/oz
  • Wipe - 7.1 in. x 7.1 in.

Natural latex, Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Irganox-1330, Potassium Hydroxide, Zinc-N-dibutyl-dithio-carbonate, Oleic acid, Ammonia liquor, Cetodec-500, Bentinite clay, Vultamol NN 8906, U.S.P Corn Starch, Silicone, Food-grade flavor

Shipping is free for every order in the United States over $35 (we always deliver in a discreet, stress-free package). And any unopened boxes can be returned within 30 days - no questions asked! Just contact us here.

The Tasty Way To Stay Safe.

Our strawberry condoms are made with food-grade flavor so they smell and taste delicious - just like the real thing! Embrace the fruity essence of romance - and never get distracted or turned off by that nasty latex odor.

The Healthiest For Every Body.

What goes in and around your body matters. That’s why we disclose everything that goes into our products - unlike other brands. Royal condoms are made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients that keep everyone safe and healthy.

No Breaking, Tearing or Leaking.

Our condoms are ultra-safe for total peace of mind. Each condom is FDA-cleared and tripled-tested (cruelty free) so you’ll never be compromised during oral, vaginal or anal sex - just focus on having fun!

Total Comfort For Everyone.

Nobody wants to dry out - but nobody wants to be too wet either! Royal condoms are covered in an ingestible-safe, pH-balanced lubricant that keeps everyone happy.


  1. Make sure everyone is in agreement
  2. Use one per sex act (don’t be greedy)
  3. Roll out the condom and fit securely
  4. We’ll leave you to it… Have fun!
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