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10 Facts About Condoms

Condoms were the first contraception ever invented, and their production has lasted to this day. Although you might use this form of contraception frequently, there are little-known facts about condoms you should know by now. So, here we go.

1. Condoms Have a Long History

Although condom production and design have progressed in recent centuries, condoms are far from a new invention. The reference to the oldest known condoms is dated at around 12,000-15,000 years old. Illustrations with Egyptian hieroglyphics, dating to about 1000 BC, depict men using linen covers as a form of contraception. Crazy right!?!

2. Today’s Condom Versions are Much Different than Before

Although many believe it was only made in the 20th century, the first rubber condom dates back to 1855. In the past, condoms were made from animal skin, and production took a long time. People used one condom more than once. The revolution came with latex condoms, which, apart from faster production and easy use, make the whole process much more hygienic. 

3. The Origin of the Name is Vague

The origin of the word condom is still unclear. One story links it to the court of King Charles II of England, where Dr. Condom (Conton) resided. He supplied the king with animal tissue covers to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the transmission of diseases by prostitutes. Since there is no evidence of this person's existence, and the use of a condom began long before the reign of Charles II, the more likely version is that the word originates from the Latin 'condus', in the sense of a container or container.

4. Condoms Are Considered Immoral in Some Countries

The fact that does not surprise many people, is that some countries consider the use of condoms immoral. Nigeria, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Zambia promote the anti-condom philosophy in the media. Moreover, Nigeria’s Anambra State banned the promotion and distribution of condoms, which led to a backlash from AIDS support groups and family planning organizations.

5. The Strength of a Condom is Mind-Blowing

A condom can break with too much friction. However, it is especially strong when it comes to holding liquids and stretching. One condom can hold up to a gallon of liquid

6. People Use Them a Lot 

It seems that the common belief that men hate to use condoms is incorrect. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that around 10.4 billion condoms are used annually worldwide. The most frequent customers are Americans. 450 million condoms are sold each year in the US alone. 

7. Condoms Are Linked to the Military

In the 19th century, the German army was the first major institution to promote condom use among its members. They tried to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Soon after, America followed, yielding positive results. But the reasons to supply military units with condoms in The Second World War was more interesting. The soldiers used condoms in emergency situations to protect their feet from water, but also as a cover for the rifle barrel, to prevent contact with saltwater that would damage them.

8. Many People Don’t Know How to Use a Condom

Even though proper condom use is taught in schools and seems like a no-brainer, many people don’t know how to use them. There are about 75 million results on Google for the search term “how to use a condom.” Also, some are confused about whether it is a good idea to wear two condoms and whether you can reuse a condom. Let us help you: the answer is a big NO to both questions. 

9. Condoms Have a 5-Year Shelf-Life

Did you find any old condoms lying in your old bedroom drawer? You can still use them if you bought them less than five years ago. Latex condoms usually expire after five years. Naturally, you have to keep them in a cool and dry place to be able to use them.

10. Condoms Have Many Alternate Uses

If you go camping or hiking regularly, your survival kit should always include a few condoms. Not because you should have intimate moments with your partner on the top of a mountain, but because they can come in handy in certain life-threatening situations. For example, you can use them as expandable water containers. Also, you can use them to make a slingshot (it really works!). In the case of a medical emergency, you can use a condom instead of latex gloves. The list goes on, so if you wish to know more, make sure to check out other multifunctional uses of a condom.

Which Facts Surprised You the Most?

Whether you were aware of some of our condom facts or not, you must admit that condoms are one of the greatest human inventions to date. Although today they come in many different colors, tastes, and shapes, the concept stays the same.

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