15 Fun Things to Do as a Couple to Spice Things Up

Have you ever stayed at home with your partner on a Saturday night, not wanting to go out but also not knowing what to do? Having sex is on our priority list, so go and buy condoms if you feel like it. However, both of you probably work long hours and sometimes want to relax and have fun together, especially during the wintertime when most of us like to stay in the comfort of our warm living rooms. If you find yourself in such a situation, here are 15 things to do to have fun. 

1. Explore Your Neighborhood

Do you always drink coffee in the same cafés, go to the same bakery every day, visit the same corner shop when you need groceries? When you want to switch up the routine, you can explore the neighborhood a little and discover the magic of new places. Go to cool new cafés, parks, and markets with your partner and get to know your neighborhood or nearby neighborhoods.

2. Organize a Theme Night 

Theme nights are exciting if you have the right props. For example, you can organize French food night or French wine night. In case you have to buy the ingredients, it’s another opportunity to do something together. For those of you who love movies, on the other hand, organizing a night of French film is perfect. Just make sure to have a subscription to one of the movie streaming sites.

3. Go to the Theater

You most likely go to the movies all the time, but what about the theater? See what shows are playing and buy your partner and yourself a ticket. It could be an excellent birthday or Christmas gift.

4. Have a Cocktail Date at Home

Set up a cocktail bar, stay home and serve cocktails. A cocktail date does not always imply going out to a bar. Look for a few recipes online, buy the ingredients and prepare a cozy homemade cocktail date.

5. Watch the Stars Together

Yes, it sounds shabby, but remember the last time you did this. It’s been ages, right? It costs nothing, and it's still romantic. If laying on a blanket on a Summer’s night isn’t enough, you can arrange a picnic in your backyard or a local park.

6. Visit a Museum

There is definitely a museum in your city, so explore a little. Choose a type of art you prefer and bring your partner to an exhibition.

7. Massage Each Other

Light some candles, get massage oils, turn on your favorite relaxing music, and enjoy a mutual massage. You can both take pleasure in it and get closer to each other.

8. Visit the Amusement Park

Do you think roller coasters and carousels are for kids? We surely don’t. There’s no reason why you shouldn't go to an amusement park. A little fun won't hurt you, and you can delay dinner and a movie for another day.

9. Make a Cake Together

Another one of the fun things you can do as a couple is baking together. Everybody likes cakes. Find a recipe you want and bake away.

11. Recreate Your Favorite Childhood Dishes

In case you don’t have a sweet tooth, tell your partner what was your favorite meal in your childhood. Then you can recreate it for your partner to try and vice versa. 

10. Organize a Board Game Evening

Take out monopoly, risk, or snakes and ladders and spend the evening playing board games. Not only will you have fun but experience a new kind of connection. Playing games is a healthy 5000-year-old habit that entwines strategy, competition, fun, and helps you to protect thinking skills.

12. Create a Personal Book Club

If you both enjoy reading, you can create your book club. Organize a meeting once a month and share what you learned in the book you read.

13. Book Last-Minute Travel Plans

Print a map of your county or any country you would like to visit and pick a place with your eyes closed. Make a last-minute weekend trip or turn it into a week-long adventure.

14. Go Camping

Sometimes you need to escape your 9-5 and relax in nature. Go camping and spend a weekend in nature, just the two of you. Take your favorite food, rent kayaks, bikes, and breathe in some fresh air.

15. Learn a New Skill

Last, pick a new skill you want to learn. Most bigger cities have workshops where you can try out any new skill. Whether you like pottery or drawing but otherwise don’t have the time to try it, it is one of the fun things you can enjoy with your partner.

Which of the Fun Things from Our List Would You Choose?

It is difficult to find fun things you can do with your partner that don’t require a lot of money or the help of technology. When you want to have a good time, it is enough to do at least one fun thing on our list that will improve your mood and make you connect with your partner on a whole new level.

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