Sex Tips: 5 Ways to Help Your Partner Last Longer

One of the most Googled questions is “how to last longer in bed”. There is so much information out there, how are you able to do and remember everything while in the moment?

We took it upon ourselves to take everything the internet has to offer and combine them with our own team member’s experiences to put together the top 5 ways to help you and your partner naturally last longer without too much thinking.

Over the Pants Stuff
In almost every movie, they show two people who are about to get it on, and they go straight from a kiss to having sex in a matter of seconds. But what about all the time in between? We think that time between clothes on and clothes off can be taken advantage of to help you last longer in the end.

First, Get a little handsy – not in a creepy way of course. A massage can be the perfect excuse to take your partners clothes off, so take out the massage oils and the clothes will come off shortly after. Move your hands around their body while grabbing a little booty. Take ahold of your partner’s belt or waist and pull; tease like you’re going to rip off their pants. Once the sexual juices start to flow, take your partners clothes off slowly and sensually – resist the urge to jump forward to immediate penetration.

Foreplay x 10
A common sex tip to last longer is extended foreplay and we completely agree. It helps extend pleasure plus make your partner crave for more.

Begin by kissing and nibbling on sensitive areas that you know your partner will enjoy. The neck is always a good place to start. Move your way down their body while using your hands to massage and caress their back, arms, chest, and butt to hyperstimulate them with sexual energy.

Don’t be afraid to add food for more fun. Be careful and be safe, no one is looking for a yeast infection by using mayonnaise for lube – we’ve heard stories. If food play isn’t your thing, use alternatives, like Royal flavored condoms or flavored lubricants, to yield the same results.

Oral Sex with a Purpose
Most think that oral sex is one dimensional. What we found out is if you make a few enhancements it can lead to something more fun and pleasurable while helping you last longer during intercourse.

It’s ok to toggle between being rough and gentile. When you’re going down on your partner grab their thighs firmly to enforce a little dominance, then back off and let them feel like they’re pack in control. The balance between going fast and slow for complete climax control.

Change up the routine and add 69 to your oral play. But don’t just do it laying down on the bed, try it standing up in the living room to keep things interesting.

Right before sex, spice things up by having your partner put a flavored condom on without using hands. Royal Flavored condoms are versatile where you can use them for oral first, then seamlessly transition into vaginal or anal sex without skipping a beat.

Keep Changing Positions and Locations
During sex keep changing positions. Experience everything the Kama Sutra was made to offer. Don’t think missionary is boring and not cool, you can always start or end there but integrate some doggy, wheelbarrow, or cowgirl/boy to maintain climax control.

Don’t just change positions but change locations. The bedroom is great and comfortable, but getting intimate on a balcony, on a pool table, or on the kitchen table can help you and your partner not get stuck in a sexual routine.

You can also use climax delay wipes or a delay spray to help you keep going for those extra few pumps as you keep changing positions.

Stop Right Before Climax
Resist the urge to climax when your body thinks it needs to. Easier said than done, of course, but stopping before climax will make the next few pumps to the sexual euphoria that much more worth it. Stop, breath, and take in the moment. Doing this will make you and your partner crave the sexual high to go deeper and longer than you ever expected.

Remember you’re not alone. Be verbal with your partner. Let them help you resist the urge so you can sustain your organic sexual high. This will connect you and your partner, you and your body, and you and your mind on a deeper level keeping you in control of your sexual experience.

Read more of our blogs here or if you are ready to try out some of these tips to help your partner last longer, then head to our condom selection and pick which flavored condoms you're in the mood for tonight.

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