8 Healthy Grooming Tips For Your Genitals

8 Healthy Grooming Tips For Your Genitals (P or V) | Royal

Has your lack of grooming ever kept you from having a good time? 🤫 We all have our preferences when it comes to grooming downtown.

Whether you like smooth nuts, a padded vagina, or naked as can be, there is one factor that stays the same.


The last thing you want is for your partner to discover a horrid smell, dried-up sex juices, or a collection of ingrown hairs and razor marks.

Save this as your How-To groom guide:

  1. Have a clean razor. 🪒
  2. Lather up your pH-balanced body wash

Royal Intimacy Cleansing Body Wash

  1. Apply the body wash to the damp area 🧴
  2. Move your razor against the grain for a smooth finish
  3. Rinse off your razor head after each shave
  4. When you are done, rinse off all the body wash and hair
  5. Pat dry with a clean towel 🧖🏽‍♀️
  6. Gently apply a genital-safe body lotion to the area (our Regal Bath Bundle included both our body wash and lotion)

Royal Before & After Play Grooming Lotion

Elevating your grooming routine with these 8 simple steps can keep you healthy, fresh, and feeling your best.

Show off your newly groomed sexy parts to your partner - we're sure you'll get more than just a compliment 😉.

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