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Best Dating Apps in 2019

Have you ever thought of using dating apps but was too busy to dissect each one and see if you like it?

Dating apps have become the go-to places for the people of all generations to find their soulmates. As the software is getting more sophisticated, the stigma towards it becomes less visible. However, most new users find it extremely difficult to choose the app that will suit their needs.

Finding the right app could be more challenging than finding a perfect partner. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list to make your dating quest a little less of a nuisance. But first, let’s see if dating apps are something you really need.

Should I Use Dating Apps?

A few years back, dating apps were thought of as tools to find for hooking up. Recently, their reputation changed for the better and we can see numerous singles finding true love on their smartphones.

If you’re still wondering whether to use dating services in this day and age, here are some of the advantages of using these apps:

  • the ability to choose between various people with interests similar to yours
  • easier start of a conversation than in real life
  • simple to use
  • no fear of rejection or awkward face-to-face conversations
  • the possibility of dating someone nearby

It’s up to you to decide if you’re going to use these apps but we strongly suggest you take a shot at it. In case you were wondering... we’re aware that choosing the right software can be exhausting, so here’s a list of best dating apps in 2019.

Best Dating Apps: The List


Scrolling through profiles of strangers and meeting them can sometimes feel weird. It’s why Hinge took a slightly different route. The app service matches people with their Facebook friends and friends of their Facebook friends. It prevents totally random people from contacting you. The interface is pretty similar to Tinder with users having to swipe left or right while answering personal questions.

Hinge is easy to use and will look only for accurate matches. It serves as a serious relationship intermediary. Sadly, the app had data vulnerability concerns in the past, causing many people to leave the app.


Bumble is one particular app where the woman is in charge. In case a girl matches with a guy, it is she who has to message the guy first. Moreover, if you’re a woman, you’ll have only 24 hours from the time you matched to contact the guy. As for the same-sex matches, on the other hand, either user can start the conversation.

Bumble’s option of swiping will discover additional photos of the person you like. Profiles have short blurbs and a few photos, as well as a simple interface to move around quickly. If you’re a single woman who likes to initiate conversations, Bumble might be your next favorite app.


The first app that comes to mind when you mention dating is probably Tinder. It is definitely the most popular of the bunch and one of the safe dating apps. Creating an account in a matter of seconds and the popular “swiping” make dating fun and exciting. The app is good for both casual dating and serious romance. It requires you to be older than 18 and the majority of the users are between 18 and 30.

Moreover, Tinder’s huge user base offers a plethora of possible matches. The unlimited swipes, however, will become available only in the premium version which you’ll have to pay for. Nonetheless, the power of your photos and a short 500-word bio could potentially help you to find the person of your dreams.


As same as the aforementioned Blendr, Happn matches people by their location. However, it works on an entirely different principle. The app has the proximity-based matching, meaning it will connect you with people you crossed paths with on the street or during your commute.

Small town residents will find it hard to find the match due to the smaller user base and matching that’s limited to commuting rather than the people you actually pass by on the street. Living in a bigger city, on the other hand, will let you match with more people. The biggest downside to it is that the app ignores personality matches. So, if a somewhat awkward first encounter isn’t an issue for you and you come from a big city, you should definitely try your luck with Happn.


In case you’re looking for the most casual dating app, Blendr is the right choice. It has a big user base of mostly young adults and has a simple interface. The younger demographic dictates Blendr’s casual and hook-up philosophy.

The app could seem a bit shady to some, but if your intention is to quickly find someone from your area for a meet-up, visit Blendr.


The last one on our list is Clover. It works on a principle of matching algorithms with 20 questions you have to answer on the profile. The exceptional app lets you see everyone who liked your profile. Plus, you can upload up to 100 photos, which is a rare feature in these types of apps.

Clover will show everyone who likes you and it has numerous communication options. The app’s only downside, however, is the fact that you’ll have to pay for great premium features.

What’s in It for You?

The use of dating apps has become the norm for singles wanting to find their future partners. We hope our list gave you an insight into the perfect dating app for you. Just make sure to follow our tips and be on the safe side once you find the partner of your dreams.
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