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How to Choose Condoms for Most Pleasure

Choosing the perfect condom is like purchasing mountaineering gear: If you opt for a standard version, it will probably be ok. However, if you decide to put in an effort and find the equipment with improved features, you’ll enjoy the trail much more.

You’re told from a young age to use protection, but nobody tells you how and what to choose. Luckily, with a plethora of options on the market, there’s something for everyone. Still, you might need help in the selection process. Take our advice if you’re unsure how to go about choosing the condom for most pleasure.

Get to Know Yourself

Whether you’re a woman or a man, you must learn what are your preferences in bed. Participating in an activity you dislike will hardly bring you any pleasure. Healthy sex experience means you’ll have to discover what your body is telling you.

After getting to know yourself, you’ll have to open up to your partner. Being able to tell your partner how you feel and what you like is the first step to a happy sex life. When you’re comfortable discussing your desires, you will have no problem saying which condoms you want to try out.

Read Brand Reviews

Reviews are the most important feedback you can get from other customers. Especially if it’s a sensitive subject like condom brands. Not everyone can discuss condoms in a casual setting.

Fortunately, the internet is full of condom-related reviews for specific brands. Moreover, people aren’t as shy while giving their honest comment on condoms. Use it in your favor and check out certain brand reviews before deciding what to purchase.

Try Multi-Pack Options

Deciding between a multitude of brands and condom types will look like a Sisyphean task to many. If that’s the case, you should pick the multi-pack option. It’s the variety box of condoms, meaning you’ll get a few different types to choose from.

The variety box is an excellent way to test out different options at a lower price. In case there are too many condoms in one pack, you can opt for a tester pack with one type of each condom a company produces. Again, it’s cheaper than buying a pack of every type they offer.

Choose what You Prefer

When was the last time you checked the size of condoms before purchasing them? Never, right? Nonetheless, the condom industry is evolving and new shapes and sizes have entered the market.

An assumption that one-size-fits-all is an outdated belief. Condoms are made to stretch enormously but some might find the “standard size” too small or too big. They also come in various shapes. The regular straight-shafted condoms will fit most men. However, certain brands offer alternative shapes, such as condoms that are wider towards the glans, or the other way around, those that are expanding at their bases

While you’re out buying for another pack of condoms, consider that size and shape do matter, after all.

Spice It Up

Ribbed condoms are meant to give more stimuli to the ladies. It does the trick for some but many will find the texture too subtle or even uncomfortable. Once you find the perfect ribbed condom, your male partner might dislike it since they’re thicker than your average condom. The goal is to experiment and find out what both of you prefer.

As for the male population, they will have a few different desires. Although women also love the ultra-thin condoms, the most pleasurable condoms for men are definitely the thinnest ones. Naturally, you’ll have concerns over thin condoms. However, These products go through multiple tests to ensure they’re up to the standard.

You can go an extra mile and include condoms with flavor into your sex life. Spice it up with thin chocolate flavored condoms and have fun.

Go with High-Quality Products

Keeping a healthy and happy lifestyle comes with paying attention to what you eat and drink. If you can dedicate enough time to choose fresh and healthy ingredients, you can do the same with your sex life. Use the products that give you the same satisfaction and boost your health.

Study the brand before purchasing a specific product. Although condoms are a highly regulated product, some unknown brands will most likely use cheaper materials and lube with parabens. Going with established names in the industry is a safe bet, but make sure you read the labels if you’re buying from an unfamiliar brand.

Do You Know How to Pick the Condom for Most Pleasure?

Choosing condoms for most pleasure can look like an impossible mission to both sexes. The old notion of safer sex being dull and boring is dead. Condom users can improve their sex life with just a few simple habits. Knowing what you like in bed, deciding which brand you prefer and experimenting now and then can get you more pleasure than you previously thought possible.

If you’re worried about the implications, the shift to a more consistent condom use can not only have an impact on your pleasure but can potentially save lives from STDs and therefore have an enormous impact on overall public health.

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