Creating a Closer Connection with Your Significant Other

Creating a Closer Connection with Your Significant Other

Have you ever felt like there are questions you should ask your partner to get to know them better but failed to think of any good ones? We all did. Creating a closer connection, however, involves communicating on a deeper level than how was your day like-type of subjects.

If we long for more connection in our relationships, the first step towards that goal is to understand that every human being needs empathy. To do that, we must learn to express our emotions when we’re most vulnerable. In other words, if you want to create a closer connection to your partner, you’ll have to build emotional intimacy. In this article, you’ll find out how to make a stronger intimate understanding of your significant other.

Ask Different Types of Questions

You’re probably tired of asking and answering generic questions such as “How are you?” or “How was your day?” It’s nice to hear that from a person you care about. It means you’re interested in how they feel, but the question lacks deeper meaning. Moreover, you could only get a one-word answer like “good” to the same question.

The one-word answer can hardly describe what happened to your partner that day. Surely, they could refuse to answer due to their bad mood. Nonetheless, asking one specific question every day can bring your relationship closer. Instead of asking “How was your day?” you can ask “Was there anything that surprised you today?” or “Did you get a good team on the project you’re working on?”

Talk About Difficult Subjects

Talking about work-related topics is a part of every stable relationship. Sadly, it’s not enough to discuss only “technical” issues in a conversation. Now and then one of you will get hurt either by a friend, family member or another person that’s close to you.

In these situations, a kind word from a partner is the first helpful hand. You will need to learn to express your feelings about difficult subjects when you’re most vulnerable. You’ll also have to learn how to listen to your partner and give a piece of advice which will strengthen your emotional intimacy. It’s crucial to find out how your partner prefers to communicate to discover how to address these issues.

Find Out on Which Level You Communicate Best

Having an amazing relationship starts with proper communication. If your partner is the quiet one, make sure to let him or her know that they can feel comfortable talking about their fears and pain. If it’s hard for them to say it, pen and paper will do. Just remember to be gentle and accept their way of communicating.

Some will communicate best in the heat of an argument, but it’s up to you two to find out what works in your relationship. Experiment and say what’s bothering you without worrying what the other might think.

Express Remorse

Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes you’ll take a wrong turn. When you do, you must express remorse. Without it, your partner may feel disappointed and let down.

Staying emotionally shallow is ok if you’re not feeling sorry. However, if you are, try saying “I’m sorry.” In case that’s too difficult, tell your partner that you’re having issues with expressing remorse. If they are willing to listen, they’ll understand.

Learn Your Partner’s Affection Preference

You and your significant other express affection in distinct ways. If you want to create a closer connection in your relationship, learn what your partner prefers.

Some will like words of affection, while others crave for physical touch. Even if you’re uncomfortable with your partner’s preferred acts of love, say it out loud and tell them what would you like instead. After you do, you’ll come to an agreement that both of you find enjoyable.

Make Small but Meaningful Gestures

All happy couples know how to cheer up one another. Be it a field trip or baking cakes; it helps them to break the routine from time to time. Escaping from the 9-5 schedule feels refreshing and brings a level of excitement in your relationship.

If it’s impossible for you to organise a whole day dedicated to you two, find out which small gestures your partner likes. He or she may appreciate an occasional hug or a walk in the park.

Embrace Change

Compromise is inevitable in building a closer connection. What you have to do is to embrace the change you’re going through or the change your partner is willing to experience because of you.

Forget about your own needs for a second and focus on your partner’s wishes. You can feel at ease by giving more than you can take if you embrace the change.

Are You Ready to Create a Closer Connection with Your Partner?

Communicating on a deeper level has never been easy. It’s now harder than ever when half of our relationships depend on internet messages. However, little signs of affection and empathy can bring your relationship to a higher level.

Learn how your partner likes to communicate and be creative with your means of communication, affection and acts of kindness. Only then will you experience a closer connection you’ve been craving for.

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