Looking For A New Girlfriend In 2021? Resolve To Have Better Hygiene, According To Recent Survey

New Survey Conducted by Sexual Wellness Brand Royal Reveals Hygiene Practices (or Lack Thereof) Are the Biggest Deal-Breakers for Women

DAYTON, Ohio, Dec. 1, 2020 - A recent survey conducted by sexual wellness brand Royal revealed that poor hygiene and poor health practices are the biggest "deal breakers" for women when it comes to new romantic relationships. Of the 500+ women surveyed, here are the biggest offenders: 

  • 70% - a partner who doesn't brush/floss 
  • 68% - a partner who drinks too much 
  • 65% - a partner who smokes cigarettes
  • 58% - a partner who doesn't shower daily
  • 35% - a partner who doesn't have a good relationship with family
  • 21% - a partner who doesn't live in the same city 
  • 14% - a partner who makes less money than them

    "Proximity, money and family dynamics can't hold a candle to the basics," said Neil Mehta, M.P.H., founder and CEO of Royal. "I've always said healthy is sexy, but seeing these numbers really reinforces that sentiment." 

    Health Outweighs Wealth, Resoundingly 
    When asked who they find more attractive, 93 percent of women say are more attracted to a partner who is healthy versus only 7 percent who are attracted to a partner who is wealthy. In fact, nearly half of women surveyed said a partner who practices good hygiene is most important, followed by a partner who practices safe sex (18 percent), a partner who takes good care of their body/works out (17 percent), a partner who makes a lot of money (10 percent), and a partner who has fancy/expensive things (7 percent). 

    Also of note, 93 percent of women are more attracted to a partner who offers to use a condom rather than waiting until they ask for one. For more information, visit www.alwaysberoyal.com

    About Royal 
    Royal is the provider of all-natural, high quality, non-toxic sexual wellness and personal care products. Royal is redefining sexual hygiene by offering vegan-friendly condoms, organic and water-based lubricants, vitamin E infused body wipes, and other hygiene products enabling each user to enjoy and elevate the experience without compromising their health. Since launching in 2016, the company has been transparent about the ingredients used in each product because knowing what's going in and around your body is not just smart, it's sexy.  For more information, visit www.alwaysberoyal.com

    For media inquiries, please contact press@alwaysberoyal.com
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