The Top 7 Health Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

The Top 7 Health Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

Having an intimate, sexual relationship with the person you love can be one of the most amazing feelings in the world!

Did you know that sex is actually extremely beneficial for your health?

Not just in the mainstream way that is always advertised on the market, but there are underlying and surprising health benefits of sex that may never have crossed your mind!

We’re going to stop for a moment and really take the time to understand how healthy sex habits in combination with regular sexual activity will set you up with a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.

Let’s dive right in.

Remarkable Health Benefits of Sex

You may already be well aware that every sexual experience has the potential to make you feel amazingly confident in the moment! What would you say if you knew that these experiences can also provide you with an incredibly sustainable feeling within your body after its all said and done?

The physical and emotional connection you make with your partner during sex activates various neurotransmitters within your body. Keep reading to learn what benefits your next healthy sexual experience can have on your life.

Decrease High Blood Pressure Scares

The endorphins in your body are increased at a much higher rate when you’re participating in sexual activities. These same chemicals in your body are released when you exercise as well. Yes, that’s why your positive mood allows you to feel so accomplished after a hard workout session.

When these endorphins and other sexual hormones are released, your mood is instantly boosted and you will automatically feel a lower level of anxiety as various stressful events start to plague your day. Sexual encounters that involve penetration provide the most effective results. Utilize casein-free condoms and organic lube to create the most healthy and intimate experiences. 

Take Care of Your Loving Heart

Maintaining high levels of heart health should always be an extraordinarily important aspect of your life. Fortunately, sex is exercise! Performing daily sexual activity is amazing for your heart because it provides a consistently controlled atmosphere for you to raise your heart rate on a regular basis.

The combination of a regular heart rate increase as well as balanced estrogen and testosterone levels provides amazing benefits for both men and women alike. Heart disease and osteoporosis can arise if these levels become too low so you want to make sure you consistently partake in healthy sex practices.

Prevent Unwanted Insomnia: Promote Increased Sex Drive

Your sexual desire will increase more and more with every healthy experience. Each time you have an orgasm, the prolactin hormone is released within your body which allows you to feel more relaxed and increases your ability to fall into a deep sleep.

Have you always wondered why you feel so tired and stress-free after an amazingly intimate sexual experience with your partner? This is exactly why!

You will sleep much more soundly and wake up feeling ready to take on the day. When you’re able to have a much more regular sleep pattern, your overall energy level will increase which allows you to feel sexually driven to continuously be intimate with your partner every chance you get.

Say Goodbye to Stress

You will experience some of your best moods after an intimate sexual experience. The neurotransmitters that are released when you have sex with your partner will enhance your mood and give you the best afterglow you’ve ever had. This is mostly due to the amazing connection you have with the person who you are sharing this experience with. 

Reduce Menstrual Cramps: For the Women

Ladies, there is truly nothing worse than the menstrual cramps that keep you in bed all day. If this sounds like you and you’re ready to take back control of your body, have safe sex with your loving partner. Just having the ability to gaze into their calming eyes can somewhat ease your pain.

Most people don’t really know or want to try this benefit because they feel as though sex will cause an even higher level of pain. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Incredible sex can leave you feeling satisfied from your orgasm and pain-free from any cramps that may have been putting a damper on your day.

Lessen the Likelihood of Prostate Cancer: For the Men

Gentlemen, your body is your temple and you need to treat it right! We have a variety of sustainably sourced condoms that will provide you with a healthy and memorable sexual experience every time. Allowing yourself to feel the ultimate pleasure of intimate sex will help you actively protect yourself against prostate cancer.

Men who are able to ejaculate 20+ times a month are 20% less likely to get prostate cancer than men who are only able to complete this act less than 10 times a month. You can beat the odds by performing a pleasurable experience with your loving partner.

Light Up Every Room

When you have great sex it shows! Your skin will thank you when you regularly participate in healthy sexual activities. All the other advantages expressed above are more focused on internal health benefits while this one can be easily seen by anyone you come in contact with. Having radiant, glowing skin is just one of the healthy reasons sex is good for you!

To make sure you keep yourself clean and protected, utilize our paraben-free body wash and sulfate-free lotion after each pleasurable experience. You won’t regret that “morning after glow” you get from taking care of your health in the sexiest way possible.

Take Control of Your Health

Self-care is one of the most important topics being discussed at the moment! This is an evergreen issue that you should understand because you deserve to always feel your best and healthy sex can get you there!

Start your healthiest living by immersing yourself in the physical and emotional pleasures that come with healthy sex.

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