Home for Thanksgiving? How to Get Noticed by Your High School Crush

Home for Thanksgiving? How to Get Noticed by Your High School Crush

The holiday season has officially started. Most retail stores have already put up their decorations and started playing Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on every speaker. If you’re home for Thanksgiving, you probably want to spend it with your family. 

But let's be real; this is the time most of us catch up with old high school friends and secretly hope to run in to our old high school crush. If you get noticed, what's next?

Naturally, it will be easy if the crush knows you. You can invite him or her out for a drink or lunch. Or better yet, you can invite him or her to do something fun with you. However you put it, it will come out the way you wanted it.

Sadly, those who were invisible to their crush in high school will have to work just a bit harder to get noticed.

1. Don’t Wait for the Crush to Notice You

Ok, you admitted yourself that one of the reasons you’re back home is to make a move on your long lost high school crush. What now?

First, you’ll have to stop waiting for him or her to notice you. You’ll have to start a real conversation instead of stalking him or her on social media.

If you decide to wait, you could wait until you’re old and regret it for the rest of your life, wondering “What if?” But if you do find an ounce of courage, it might change your life.

2. Seek Discomfort. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When you lack confidence, your dating style is probably similar: you sit back, observe everything around you while not talking to anyone, and wait for everything to happen to you.

Sadly, life doesn’t work that way. At least not for long. The fluffy, safe bubble you were living in has to burst one day and make you take matters into your hands. The interaction we mentioned earlier is the perfect time for you to step out of your comfort zone. 

How to do it? If you’re near him or her, you can easily overhear a topic you know a lot about. Don’t fear to join the conversation. 

In case your only chance to interact is online, why did you even bother to come home? You’ll most definitely meet him or her in between the store aisles, in a local bar, or at the movies. Wake up your courage and just say hi. It won’t hurt.

3. Take a Positive Attitude 

People who know how to have fun and who view everything positively are most attractive to potential partners. Nobody likes to be associate with negative and pessimistic people, so always try to look at everything positively. Everyone needs someone who will always listen to them, but also give them good advice.

Ask him or her how they’re doing and whether their aunt still lives on your street. Whatever you can connect the dots, it’s a plus.

4. Let Your Crush Breathe 

Don't follow him or her or engage in the activities that you know he/she is involved in. It's enough to have one thing in common so you can see each other, but you don't need to have all activities in common. 

5. Go With the Natural Look 

It doesn't matter if you have the perfect body, but work hard on your appearance. Highlight what's nice and hide the flaws. Fragrant and clean hair, avoiding too much makeup and a smile does wonders. 

Also, you don't have to walk in heels every day to be attractive. You do you. If your high school crush fails to appreciate that, charm him or her with your personality.

6. Act Grown Up 

For most of us, life isn’t exactly what we imagined it to be when we were younger. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is worse but merely different. You may not be able to fulfill all your dreams; maybe some things have failed, you have not found your soulmate, you have not completed the college you wanted, got the job you dreamed, and so on. 

However, it's all part of life and the process of becoming an adult who can handle the things that life throws at you.

Make sure you act grown up near your crush. Leave the giggles for your evenings next to your mirror and gossip for some other time. Feel free to let him or her know what’s on your mind and how you deal with life.

7. Always Be Yourself

Of all the tricks and tips, this one may be the most crucial thing. If you pretend in front of your crush that you’re something you are not, he or she will not fall for you. Faking your lifestyle, your outlook on life or the things you enjoy doing will only lead to more lies. You will only be happy in the relationship with whoever loves you the way you truly are.

8. Show Him or Her that You’re Interested 

Some ladies think flirting is shallow but in the end… It works. Both women and men love it when we show them that we want to deepen our relationship. A gentle look is a great way to get his attention. 

On the other hand, a nice smile is an excellent tool to make her notice you. After that, you can say hi and start a conversation.

If you want someone to fall in love with you, don't hide your interest. However, you should also avoid acting like a kid that got their candy.

9. Never Forget to Smile  

Do your best to smile despite problems in your life. Show your cheerful side and be open. Men are attracted to cheerful women and vice versa.

Moreover, everyone who is smiling is more likable than those who are always frowning. A smile is what will get closer to your high school crush and make both of you more comfortable talking.

10. Calm Down

You will probably feel overly excited when you meet your high school crush. That’s perfectly normal. 

However, you shouldn’t let your feelings overpower your personality. We all act differently near our crush, but your nerves shouldn’t ruin your first move. Breathe and calm down. If it’s meant to be, he or she will notice it.

Do You Have a High School Crush?

We hope that our tips will give you the reason to say hi to your crush this Thanksgiving. Make sure to equip yourself with ultra thin condoms of your choosing, in case you get lucky.

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