How to Have a Safe First Time

Having sex for the first time (ever, or with a new partner) is both terrifying and enjoyable for people. Why?

Most young couples are afraid of sexually-transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies but want to explore their sexuality and have fun. 

Except for knowing sex etiquette, you always have to be on the safe side. Fortunately, both STIs and unwanted pregnancies can be avoided by practicing safe and responsible sex. How? Let’s see.

Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs

Any young adult who wishes to have sex with their partner can engage in sexual intercourse, especially if their relationship is mature enough. Still, everyone should keep in mind a few things beforehand.

First, taking alcohol or other drugs contribute to risky sexual behavior because intoxication reduces self-control. Also, staying intoxicated can cause you to forget to protect yourself or just ignore it.

Be as Relaxed as Possible 

Next, get all the time you need. Don't focus on thinking about your worries. Also, do not choose to do it in an uncomfortable place that does not allow total relaxation. Being in a quiet place is essential to be able to really enjoy your first time.

Foreplay Is Crucial 

Although it may look awkward, foreplay is an essential part of your first time. It makes you more comfortable and prepares your muscles to stretch more easily. Plus, it gives women natural lubrication that makes sex less painful for the first time.

The more relaxed you are, the penetration will be easier, so do not skip foreplay. The longer it lasts, the better.

Orgasm Does Not Happen Every Time

Orgasm does not necessarily occur at the same time for both partners or women at all. Among girls, it is even rare to have one the first time you make love. This is normal: it takes time to know your body, your desires, find your erogenous zones and be able to communicate them to your partner. Don't worry; it comes over time.

Always Use Protection

Let's now move on to more specific things. When caressing, kissing, or masturbating, nothing bad will happen to you. Vaginal, oral, or anal sex without adequate protection is risky for the transmission of many sexually transmitted diseases. Vaginal sex can also cause an unwanted pregnancy.

So, always use protection. Condoms are the most affordable, the cheapest, and quite effective. But only if used correctly, from the beginning and for the entire duration of the intercourse. 

The contraceptive pill, on the other hand, blocks ovulation and is entirely effective in preventing pregnancy if you take it every day. However, remember that it won’t protect you against STIs.

You Can Use Condoms With Oral Sex as Well

For viruses transmitted through direct skin-to-skin contact (herpes simplex virus or human papillomavirus), condom protection will not be sufficient.

While it may sound too much, you can use condoms for oral sex, which also carries some risk. It is especially the case if body secretions (ejaculate, vaginal secretions, blood) reach the mouth. The risk is even higher if there is damage to the mouth in the mouth.

In addition to male condoms, there are female condoms, diaphragms, various spermicidal agents and hormone pills. Once again: always use protection. Believe us, the 'I can control everything' method is the dumbest possible and has proven ineffective in millions and millions of cases.

Choose the Best Position

There are a lot of positions available to you for your first time, but if you want to be comfortable, you’ll want to choose a position which suits you both. Women will prefer a position in which they are lying on their back, or where they can control the depth of penetration by sitting on the man.

Do Not Try to Copy Scenes from Porn

Handcuffs, high heels, and acrobatics are not for everyone, and especially not for someone who has sex for the first time. For starters, enjoy tenderness and exploration, and if you want to, you can later experiment.

There is no “Right Time” to Lose Your Virginity

How, when, and with whom you sleep for the first time is only your decision. The most important thing is to make that decision for the right reasons. Sleep with someone because you want it, not because you feel pressure from a friend or your boyfriend or girlfriend is urging you to. People who lose their virginity for the wrong reasons often later regret it.

Pain and Bleeding 

The first time is not necessarily painful, even if some say that the pain comes from the muscular contraction of the vagina related to the stress of the first time. 

In this case, try to relax, even if it is difficult, and the pain will dissipate. Bleeding doesn’t always happen, but when it occurs, it is due to the tearing of the hymen. It is a tissue that protects the entry to the vagina, and it does not contain nerves. It is why its rupture is not painful. However, it can cause bleeding because this film contains small capillaries.

Do You Know How to Have a Safe First Time?

Now that you know how to have a safe first time, talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about it and have fun.

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