How to Be a Better Kisser

A kiss is one of the most critical indicators of a good relationship, but also proof that you care for the person you choose to be intimate with. Everyone indeed has their way of kissing, but there are ways you can improve this skill.

Although you can read a lot about sex, no one offers kissing instructions. And if it does not suit the partner on a first date, it is unlikely that the kiss will grow into a real relationship.

That is why we will address this topic and discover several secrets of successful kissing. Read on to find them out.

Why Do We Kiss? 

Researchers say, we kiss to test whether someone (biologically speaking) is a suitable partner for us. The exchange of scent, touch, and posture encourages subconscious mechanisms to help us decide if we are genetically compatible. Also, a kiss indicates our partner's potential commitment to a relationship.

The Intimacy of the Kiss

From first kisses to those in a long, happy marriage, they always make us feel more intimate with our partners. A kiss is the first proof that you like the person. We've all heard and felt “butterflies in our bellies”, and only the right person can cause them. But to feel them, you should know how to be a better kisser. 

How to Be a Better Kisser on a First Date

Here are some of the general rules to show your partner or your date that you mastered kissing.

  • Choose nice clothes, and smile more. Sometimes, our outfit and our facial expressions tell our story.
  • Your mouth hygiene must be on point. You probably wouldn't want to kiss someone who hasn’t freshened their mouth in a long time.
  • Women, do not overdo the makeup. You don't want partners to get stains from your lipsticks and glosses, especially those sticky ones. If you already need to wear lipstick, use the waterproof version that will not stain your partner’s clothes. 
  • Let your partner in your personal space. The closer you are, the easier it is to become intimate. 
  • Start slowly, without the tongue, and gently continue. Let your partner know you are not in a hurry - kissing is a marathon not a sprint.
  • A tongueless kiss is a norm for some, but if you want a tongue kiss, slowly open your mouth and let the partner know you want that kind of kiss. Do not push your tongue down your partner’s throat. The best way to start kissing is slowly. It allows the other person to withdraw if he or she feels insecure but can also make them feel more interested.
  • Embrace the person you’re kissing. Put your hands around their neck, waist, or back. If you are clumsy in the first kisses, you can put your hands on the ears of your date. It will make it easier to control your and your partner's movements. Of course, it has to be very gentle, too. 
  • Don't forget to breathe. It’s okay to rest, take in the air, and look at your partner. The kiss will then be even more intimate.
  • Change the way you kiss. Feel free to move your head both ways, but slowly. Use your tongue a little and occasionally gently bite your partner's lips.
  • It's okay if you're clumsy and confused. Everything can turn out nice, just don't panic. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Be a Better Kisser

Being a better kisser is not like being an astrophysicist, so we’ve summed up pretty much everything to know if you want to improve your kissing abilities. 

However, it is still a good idea to avoid some of the following things.

When kissing, try to control how much saliva you excrete. That is why we advise you to step back and take a break occasionally. 

If your partner is not the most adept at kissing, try not to comment on it. He or she will get better, as you will too, eventually.

Also, it is a little weird if you stare at your partner all the time while kissing. If you want to be a better kisser, close your eyes while doing it. It’s much more romantic and less creepy!

Occasional breaks are the time to look your partner in the eye, whisper something in their ear, or laugh together. Such a moment will truly be unique for the two of you and will bring you closer. Relax, calm down, and enjoy what is happening, because now you know all the tricks.

How to Tell if Someone Wants to Kiss You? 

If you want to find out if your date wants to kiss you, there are a few signs to recognize.

Looking into the eyes

The first kiss usually begins by looking into your eyes. If you feel this might be the moment for the first kiss, tilt your head slightly and look at him or her. If he or she continues to stare at you without saying a word, you know what to do.

Finding reasons to touch you

If he or she says that he or she is cold and wants to get close to you, it’s an excuse to approach you. Eventually, it leads to a kiss.

Looking into your lips

Being a better kisser is all about reading the signs that the other person is sending to us. For instance, when one looks into your lips, it can be a subconscious sign that he or she is thinking about kissing. You may also notice that you occasionally touch your lips. 

Would You Like to Be a Better Kisser?

A kiss is a staple move in every intimate engagement. If you ever wanted to become a better kisser, now is the right time to master your skill - it's never too late. Just make sure to have the right natural condom if it progresses to something more.

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