How to Use a Condom

How to Use a Condom


It seems easy enough to use, but there are some people out there that still don’t know how to correctly use a condom. More often than not, the ones who think they are doing it correctly, are the ones doing it wrong!

Here are 6 easy steps to remember when using a condom:

1. Don’t be stupid. Use a new condom for every sexual act. Don’t think that you can reuse or repurpose a condom and nothing will happen. Condoms are not indestructible so be safe and get a new one if you’re doing something different. 

2. Tear open the package carefully. Try not to use fingernails, teeth, scissors or anything that can damage the condom. If you have to, make sure moved to one end of the wrapper that’s not being cut.

3. Before any sexual contact, place the condom on the head of the erect penis with the rolled side out. If not fully erect, not to worry, you should still be able to place the condom comfortably on your member. Let your partner help out to add to the foreplay.

4. Unroll or pull the condom all the way to the base of the erect penis. If the condom doesn’t unroll easily, it may be on backwards. Don’t be alarmed if this happens. Sometimes when it’s dark or you’re in the heat of the moment, this is the hardest part – pun intended.

5. Immediately after ejaculation, hold the rim of the condom in place and withdraw the penis while it is still erect. Avoid spilling the semen. DO NOT yank off the condom from the reservoir tip.

6. Dispose of a used condom, wrapping it in tissue and throwing into the trash. Wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid flushing the condom and the wrapper down the toilet.

            Follow these easy steps to master the art of putting on a condom.

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