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8 Mistakes to Avoid on a First Date

Whether you are looking for love or just fun, there are some rules you should follow on your first date. Except for making a great first date impression, you have to watch out for other factors that will make or break the connection you have with your date.

How you act on the first date depends on how you feel about the person you’re going out with. For example, everything can go great on the first date. Your conversation is flowing, mutual attraction is undeniable, and you immediately decide that you will see each other again.

However, the first date can go wrong. Your actions may be a total failure, to the extent that you wish to send an SOS a message to your friends to save you. It happens to almost everyone. Not every date will be perfect. Sometimes the worst times are disguised life lessons that will prepare you for future dates. 

Nonetheless, if you really like the person and want to see her or him again, it’s in your best interest to avoid the following eight common mistakes on a first date.

1. Showing up Too Late

No one likes waiting for someone, but it happens from time to time. Although you and your date agree on a specific time and place and expect from each other to arrive on time, unforeseen circumstances can and do happen, such as slow traffic or a family emergency. Also, not every single person is punctual and needs an extra ten minutes to get ready wherever he or she goes.

Still, you should always plan ahead and include those possible issues in the equation. Try to be on time, and your date will appreciate it.

2. Going Too Fast

Most people hate when they get excessive messages after the first date. Moreover, Imagine the date didn’t go as you expected, yet you still want to be friends with them on Facebook. It’s a sign that you either didn’t understand them correctly or you have to work on your communication skills.

Some will even go as far as asking for naughty pics of the other person; It simply isn’t appropriate for a first date. You can easily blow your chances of meeting them again with crazy requests. Take it slowly and think about how the other feels about you and how they wish to go forward.

3. Getting Drunk

A glass of wine can reduce tension, but don't overdo it. There's nothing worse than getting drunk on the first date. Your potential partner may get the impression that the only way you can have fun is with alcohol. Even worse, He or she might think you have problems with alcohol.

A few glasses of any alcoholic beverage probably won’t make you drunk. However, if you feel intoxicated from just one, make sure to pace yourself or stop right there to be able to continue the conversation with your date politely.

4. Asking Too Many Random and Boring Questions

First date questions are tricky for people who have issues with flowy communication. On the other hand, too many random questions will make your potential significant other bored.

Don't play the detective and ask too many questions, because the other person will feel like they're being interrogated. It's good to show interest, but let the conversation flow smoothly and don't be afraid of brief silence breaks. And just as important, listen to what the person tells you!

5. Not Having an Opinion on Most Topics

Nobody likes people who agree with everything you say. To them, every thought is the same as yours’, and they never rebel despite something not being their cup of tea. There is a huge difference between the person who defends their opinion and one who hasn’t got one. 

If your date is planning to take you out to dinner at a sushi restaurant and you don't prefer fish, or want to hang out at a cocktail lounge bar, and you don't drink - you have to say it! You could find yourself in a tricky situation if you were waiting for the last minute to communicate what you wanted right from the start.

6. Being Pushy in the Sexual Way

First dates are the moments when you want to get to know the person you might end up being with. It’s hard to focus or to learn anything if you solely went there to get some action. You shouldn’t be overly flirty or touch your date if he or she isn't showing signs of being into it.

Nonetheless, some people like being all touchy and are ready to have sex on the first date. In that case, make sure to always carry condoms with you. You never know what might happen. Still, first, try to gauge each other's vibe and find out what your date prefers.

7. Dressing Into Something You Can't Walk, Eat, or Breathe in

Naturally, you will make time to look beautiful and attractive, but it may not be the best decision to wear the highest heels from your closet. Also, think twice before putting a dress two sizes too small, just because your breasts look amazing, doesn't mean it's worth it.

As for the guys, avoid uncomfortable dress shoes, and tight skinny jeans if you hate wearing them. They are hurt and don’t have a real purpose if you’re going out on a casual date. 

Remember, the first date by itself implies nervousness in the stomach and anxiety, so why make it worse with uncomfortable clothes or shoes? After all, wouldn't you instead go for a romantic walk rather than just sitting in a boring restaurant?

8. Using Your Smartphone Constantly

The act of obsessively checking your phone every two minutes is very repulsive and can be a crucial factor for the other person to invite you for a second date. There is nothing ruder than establishing a normal conversation with the person who constantly looks at their cell phone. 

Browsing posts on Instagram or Facebook can wait - and definitely, don't post anything during the date (unless the date agrees) when he or she’s not watching. It's not a good look if they find out later - trust us!

Did You Make Any Mistakes from Our List in the Past?

How do you like our list with first date mistakes? 

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