How to Choose the Right Natural Condom for You and Your Partner

Choosing the right natural condom is similar to buying clothes: You can pick the first shirt off the shelf and later complain that it was too uncomfortable. 

Moreover, if you never look at the size of the condoms you buy, five out of ten times you'll definitely miss your size.

However, if you take the time to check out the thickness and what material it is made of, you’ll be happy to wear it. So, it isn’t only the size you have to look for; it’s the other features, as well. 

If you don't like the feel of condoms, you probably don't use them as consistently as you should. But today, you can find condoms of an incredible variety. It may sound confusing, but to find the perfect natural condom is essential because it enhances your pleasure and makes your sex life safer. It's a whole new concept for people who have tried only the generic "one size fits all" condoms from the store so far.

You may not know much about the evolution of condom technology, but natural condoms aren’t made the same as 50 years ago. If you have not experienced any pleasure when using them by now, you are probably wearing the wrong one. Here’s a quick guide on what to look for in the natural condom of your choosing.

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Read the Labels on Natural Condoms

First, you have to read the labels and descriptions. If you want to pick a natural condom, it should be free from parabens, nitrosamines, and cruelty-free. Also, check what material it is made of and go with natural rubber (latex). It’s the same as choosing only organic ingredients in your food; If it goes on and in your body, then it should. 

Next, check the expiry date. Condoms do have a shelf life, and those that are past the expiration date aren’t as effective as the new ones. They become weaker and more dryer.

Last, you should look for industry standards. See if you can find the safety standard mark. For the US market, the products have to be controlled by the FDA as a Class II medical device.

Pick the Right Thickness

You will probably go with the thinnest condom available since it increases satisfaction. But it’s not only the thickness that dictates the amount of pleasure these days. 

Still, if you think thinner natural condom will suit you better, go ahead. Both thick and thin condoms go through strict testing, so you’ll be safe with either option.

What About the Natural Condom Lubrication?

Natural condoms with lubricants are allies of many women who suffer from vaginal dryness. They provide smoother friction and can delay your man’s orgasm.

Moreover, lubrication prevents the condom from breaking and enhances pleasure for both women and men. Check what type of lubricant (if there’s any) the condom has before buying it. If you use additional lubrication, make sure to use water-based or silicone-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants shouldn’t be applied to condoms.

In case you’re sensitive to certain ingredients in the lubricant, such as petroleum and parabens, avoid them. On the other hand, if you’re sensitive to gluten, opt for gluten-free condoms due to traces of gluten in particular lubricants. Again, check your labels to see which ingredients to stay away from.

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Sometimes, It’s the Texture or the Flavor That Counts

Just as lubricants can prolong pleasure, the texture of a condom can spice it up. Today you can choose between condoms with studs or ribs that provide enhanced stimulation during sex. The texture intensifies the experience for women.

Also, you can choose between a variety of flavored condoms. If you want to bring new pleasure to sex, spice it up with a sweet taste. Condoms that have sweet, fruity flavors are intended for those who like to play and make oral sex fun. Go with a taster pack if you’re unsure of which taste you like.

Don’t Forget the Shape and Size

Even though there isn’t a standardized length in the condom industry, you cannot go wrong with latex. Natural condoms made from latex should fit most men. 

However, it’s the same as buying one-size-fits-all gloves. Half of the buyers will say they fit and the other half won’t be as satisfied. Condoms of inadequate size tend to fall off more often or have a risk of breakage.

There is a large selection of condoms of different sizes and shapes on the market, and you should look for the right one. If you’re tired of testing more than one brand, read your labels. 

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What Type of Natural Condom Do You Use?

The time for better and safer sex has already arrived. If you don't like using condoms, now is the time to stop with the outdated thoughts. Empower yourself with this information and find the ideal natural condom for you and your partner. 

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