Does Oral Sex Affect Your Health?

Before embarking oral sex adventure and experiencing erotic ecstasy, many men and women never bother to ask themselves how oral sex affects our health. Moreover, they never question the hygienic aspect of it and are sometimes ashamed of the scents their own body produces.

It is essential to know that unpleasant odors can be caused by too much intimate care. So, some people avoid having oral sex altogether, even if they have been in a long term relationship. However, if you learn what you can and can’t do, the risk of affecting your health with oral sex reduces significantly.

Hygiene of Your Private Parts: Don’t Overdo It 

If you shower regularly, then you don't have to fear that the unpleasant odors will repel your partner during cunnilingus or fellatio. There’s a significantly higher chance your partner will be disgusted with body fluids if you don’t eat healthy foods. As for the bodily secretions, they can have a distinct odor which most people find arousing. It contains pheromones that are responsible for making this scent pleasant and additionally excite them.

The glands at the entrance to the vagina form a secretion during sexual arousal, which, as long as the woman is healthy, is entirely harmless and free of bacteria. So it can end up in his mouth without fear, and he can swallow it. Moreover, fragrances of the vaginal area are generally not a sign of lack of hygiene. The vagina is naturally slightly acidic. Since most bacteria cannot multiply in acidic environments, the body will only take care to keep the intimate area free of germs and clean. 

Clutter only occurs when the balance is disturbed. Excessive hygiene with heavily perfumed lotions for an intimate area - or even washing - will destroy the natural protective layer and kill the good bacteria. It facilitates the spread of "stinky" bacteria and fungal infection. Too much hygiene is, therefore, not recommended and can only make matters worse. 

Both dermatologists and gynecologists recommend washing with warm water and mild perfume-free soap - which has a pH of 5.5. But since you don’t really need a cleanser, it’s best to stick to water for cleaning your genital area.

How Oral Sex Affects Your Health

We can list the many bright sides of oral sex, but unfortunately, when it comes to health, this activity is far from safe for many people. It is fascinating because many couples often practice oral sex when protection is not around, without thinking about how they can transmit various sexually transmitted diseases through the mouth.

Oral sex is especially dangerous when it comes to Human Papillomavirus or HPV, a transmissible disease that can increase the risk of cancer. According to a study published in the Annals of Oncology, conducted on a sample of 13,089 people, ranging in age from 20 to 69, oral sex is actually the most common cause of HPV spread. The study was conducted in the course of five years and proved that men and women who have had five or more sexual partners with whom they have enjoyed oral sex have a much higher risk of contracting HPV.

Despite impeccable hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted in oral sex. The risk of contracting an illness - such as HIV, hepatitis, or even herpes - increases if there are sores in the genital area. Since tiny, almost invisible wounds are possible in the oral cavity, the infection is not excluded even then. Human saliva is antiseptic, but it does not provide adequate protection against sexually transmitted diseases. 

If you are not sure if your partner has a sexually transmitted disease or simply want to be 100 percent safe, you can use condoms during oral sex. You can use a dental dam as well. It consists mainly of extremely thin latex and is placed on the genital area during oral sex. It provides effective protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Do You Practice Oral Sex?

More recent research shows that men who have had five or more oral sex partners are more likely to get throat cancer. Experts point out that the frequency of oral transmission of HPV is steadily increasing. So, if you want to enjoy safe oral sex with your partner, make sure you know about their sexual history and have fun. 

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