Personal Lubricant is Essential to Your Sex Life

Personal Lubricant is Essential to Your Sex Life

People avoid sex for several reasons. The most common one is exhaustion from your workday or lack of sexual drive. However, one of the causes for women to avoid sex is vaginal dryness. Luckily, personal lubricants come to the rescue.

Still, many women feel embarrassed even to admit they feel uncomfortable and instead reject the idea of using lube. The need to use a lubricant shouldn’t be viewed as a sexual deficiency; it’s something that happens regardless of your libido.

Instead of stigmatizing personal lubricants, it’s time to celebrate them and show how they can change your love life. According to Statista’s analysis, 49.92 million people of the US population used personal lubricants in 2018, and that number is in steady growth each year.

If you already use lubricants, this article will remind you why it’s a good idea to continue using them. If you've never used lube but thought of doing so, you should know a few advantages it can bring into your sex life.

Painless Friction

As said, some women feel discomfort or pain during intercourse. Personal lubricants eliminate the painful friction and make your experience more pleasant. Now, it’s up to you to decide how much you need to feel comfortable. Sometimes a little bit of lube works wonders.

Many couples use saliva as a lubrication tool, but it lacks the silky feel to it and tends to dry out quickly. Lubricants, on the other hand, stay on the skin longer and give you and your partner smooth feeling during the intimate moments.

Exploration of Your Sexuality

People love finding pleasure in new things and using lube can fulfill their desire to feel new sensations. Even those who never suffered from vaginal dryness use it to switch up their habits and have more fun.

Moreover, it can enhance foreplay. If you and your partner agree that a lubricant will boost your sexual desire, you both can profit from it. Naturally, it would help if you discussed it first or introduce it to the bedroom. The only crucial aspect of your sexuality is to explore it and take pleasure from it.

Focus on Other Things than Discomfort

If you’re experiencing unpleasant sensations during sex, it can be challenging to focus on what you wanted to do in the first place. What’s more, most women can hardly have an orgasm with sensitive skin or insufficient vaginal lubrication. Also, males feel more discomfort if there’s not enough natural lubrication.

However, lube will help you concentrate on you and your partner, as well as give you the reason to take pleasure in making love again.

Enjoy Your Sex Life More

Low libido is a common issue in both men and women and usually occurs with stress, relationship issues, or health complications. There’s no “normal libido” as every person’s sense of sexual behavior is different. Still, that shouldn’t prevent you from having fun with your significant other.

Try introducing a personal lubricant into the bedroom and see how it goes. Never presume your partner won’t like it. Just ask or surprise them. It can potentially make you feel less stressed out and excite your partner as well.

If You’re Sensitive, Use the Top Quality Brands

Certain people are sensitive to ingredients found in lubricants, so it’s your responsibility to buy from the trusted brands. When shopping for lubricants, consider Royal Premium Personal Lubricant. It’s a 100% non-toxic, gluten-free and vegan-friendly product made for both women and men.

Royal Premium Personal Lubricant is a water-based, fragrance-free lube that contains Aloe extract to eliminate the chances or irritation, discomfort, and rashes. Organic ingredients maintain natural vaginal pH and protect sensitive skin. It is a fragrance-free personal lubricant that you can use with the current line of Royal natural latex condoms, polyisoprene and lambskin condoms, and toys.

The organic lubricant comes in subtle packaging in 2.5 oz tubes that can last you for quite some time, depending on how much of that silky smooth feeling you want. It is a female and male friendly lube that contains no silicone, glycerin, petroleum or parabens.

Do You Use Personal Lubricant in the Bedroom?

Maintaining health and wellness hygiene is an essential part of your sexual life. The feeling of discomfort during intercourse shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying intimate moments, nor it should be a taboo between you and your partner.

If you introduce a personal lubricant into your love life, it will eliminate the painful friction, help you explore your sexuality, and put your focus on other aspects of sex than discomfort. You will enjoy your sex life more and keep your sensitive skin protected.  

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