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How to Safely Use Dating Apps

If you ever used dating apps in the past, you know that awkward dates will happen eventually. There’s no way of knowing who the person on the other side of the app is and it can sometimes lead you to an uncomfortable or even a dangerous experience.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to help you filter the predators and disrespectful people out of your online presence. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to safely use dating apps.

Watch for Your Geo Settings

Most dating apps take your location to match you to potential partners. If you think you’re safe giving out information about your whereabouts to strangers, fine. People you don’t know personally shouldn’t have your address. At least not before chatting with them.

Avoid Apps where Anyone Can Get in Touch with You

In our previous article, we enlisted the best dating apps in 2019. What you should know is that there are no completely safe dating apps out there. Each one can pose a threat if you don’t pay enough attention to what you do. With that said, you will hardly avoid getting awkward messages now and then.

However, you can use only the apps where both parties should consent to message one another, or where you’re the perfect match. You’ll surely get fewer weird or disrespectful messages and have fewer worries about strange people contacting you.

No Place for Too Much Personal Information

Do you enjoy giving out personal information to people you just met?

Nobody does. The same goes for dating apps. It would be best if you avoided including your last name, social media handles and contact info (address and phone number) on your dating app profile. If a stranger can track you down with two clicks, your privacy becomes disrupted, and you’re potentially putting yourself in a dangerous position.

If your dating app match wants to know the details about your life, it’s best to share those over a cup of coffee rather than online.

Set Up a Google Voice Number

Chatting can result in calling one another after a while. Instead of giving your number to the person you just chatted with for a few days, consider getting Google Voice. It’s your personal Google phone number that you can forward to your phone.

If a person turns out to be a fraud or disrespectful, they won’t have your real phone number. It’s as simple as choosing a number and following the instructions from Google. The number will be different from your number, and you can cancel it anytime.

Spot Fake Profiles Right Away

According to Sift, 10% of all new dating profiles are fake, a number they get within a sample of 8 million profiles. It’s likely you will have issues with one such profile while using dating apps.

Nonetheless, spotting fake profiles is easy. Following are the clues to recognize such profiles.

  1. The person asks you to send them money.
  2. The person is too curious and wants to know specific personal information.
  3. The person has poor language skills (even though they claim to be native).
  4. You’re asked to go outside of the app too quickly.
  5. The person falls in love with you almost instantly.

Report Fake Profiles

Fake profiles are a treat not only to your privacy but to the privacy of other dating app users. If you let them go away, they’ll find a victim eventually. Reporting profile policies vary across dating apps, so make sure you know what you have to do when you spot a fake profile. You’ll do yourself and others a huge favor and eliminate an imposter.

Stay Inside of the App

We know you prefer to communicate via social media or instant-messaging apps. However, staying inside of the dating app gives you extra protection. If a problem occurs, you can report the person behind the profile.

Moreover, you can block the person if you find out they’re here only to harass you. It’s something you can’t do with instant messages. Stay inside the app’s messaging solution for the most security.

Discover Only the Essential

As mentioned, dating apps aren’t places for too much personal information. Once you get into a chat with the person on the other side, stay away from giving them information about your whereabouts, your parents’ and siblings names, or your credit card details.

If you decide to give such information, you’re at risk of identity theft. Make sure to discover only essential personal information. There’s more to talk about with someone than your mother’s maiden name.

Do You Use Dating Apps Regularly?

Dating apps are a fun way to meet new people whom you share your interests with. Sadly, numerous fake profiles or dangerous people can ruin the experience. If you’re using dating apps regularly, follow our simple rules to avoid getting disappointed.

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