Sex Etiquette: Before, During and After Sex

Sex Etiquette: Before, During and After Sex

Did you ever think about sex etiquette? Most of us haven’t. Sex is like a game, so it is best to be spontaneous and playful in bed. 

However, you should know what you can and can’t do before, during, and after sex to avoid uncomfortable and weird situations. Here’s our take on sex etiquette. 

What to Do Before Sex

The first rule of sexual etiquette is to be clean. It doesn’t mean you have to run to the bathroom five minutes before you go into action and do a deep cleanse. It is enough to take care of personal hygiene regularly because nothing repels more than the unpleasant odor and the unsightly appearance.

The second rule is to start with foreplay. Skipping foreplay and pure mechanical sex will make you look like you only want to get it over with as soon as possible.

Third, whether you’re a woman or a man, always have condoms with you. It shows that you care about your sex life and want to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

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Next, you have to be gentle (gents) and take it slow - really feel the 'motion of the ocean'. Although women’s breasts are the place that men want to touch right away, the most common mistake is a lack of tenderness when trying to stroke that special area. So, make sure to caress them instead of “attacking” them.

As for women, we also have a piece of advice. Men’s penis is the largest erogenous zone, but you seem to ignore other parts of your man’s body. They like to be kissed on other parts like the back, neck, ears, or belly, as well. 

Both sexes sometimes have foreplay in absolute silence. It is fine as long as you’re both comfortable with it. We don’t say that chatting during sex is welcome, but if you want to express your satisfaction, say it out loud. 

Women generally make the mistake of lacking initiative when it comes to sexual intercourse, so don’t leave it to him to start. If you get ahead of him, he’ll be glad. Moreover, most men find it incredibly sexy when a woman takes the lead. Also, it would help if you always said what you want your partner to do to you. He or she can’t read your mind. It is especially crucial for new couples who still don’t know their partner well.

Last, to fully enjoy the moment, it is necessary to stop obsessively thinking about how you look during foreplay because this significantly reduces your chances of truly enjoying yourself.

Sex Etiquette During Sex

Most men never think about long foreplay before sex. Nonetheless, it is exactly what makes women more relaxed during sex. When you’re doing it, make sure not to think about the the stresses in your life, or what you have to do the next day.

In case your partner does something you dislike, tell him or her to switch a bit. What’s more, remember that compromise is the way to sexual enlightenment. Learning what you both like is a lengthy process that needs patience, so be prepared for a little effort on your part.

Next, you have to be careful not to lean the whole weight of your body on your partner. Otherwise, they will have to fight for air. You’ll see if they are comfortable or not. If you fail to notice it, ask them.

Although most people sometimes like a little rougher sex, it’s best to talk to your partner before performing a play with you as the lead actor. Roughly pushing your partner into your favorite erogenous zone is not desirable at all - it can be a huge turn-off. Say your fantasy, and it’s up to your partner to accept it or not. The point is in an open conversation, which is the only way to create enjoyable moments.

Not only conversations play a significant role in sex etiquette. If you fake an orgasm, it means that either you can’t relax or your partner does something wrong. Sex should be a mutual pleasure, so don’t pretend. Tell him if you haven’t had an orgasm to work on it together. 

Our sex etiquette during sex ends with a warning for men. It is polite to signal that you’re going to ejaculate. Matching the rhythms is not easy, but with the announcement, the partner can speed up or slow down the love game.

What to Do After Sex

Once you did the deed, it’s time to cuddle, clean up, and just relax. You don’t have to hurry with putting your clothes back on. There’s a certain kind of charm in staying in bed after sex. Although most people are still shy to cuddle, once you do it, there’s no going back to the awkward dressing afterward. Relax and take it easy. Moments after sex are great for connecting with a partner and enjoying the feeling.

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Next, make sure to let your partner go to the bathroom first. Show him or her that you care enough and that you’re patient to wait for your turn. Also, if you’re going to clean yourself, make sure to do it in a healthy way with intimacy cleansing body wipes or a soothing shower with a pH balanced body wash. Also, don't forget, the sheets aren’t going to clean themselves...

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Do You Agree With Our Sex Etiquette?

When you are in the bedroom with your partner, everything that happens stays between you two.

But, even though we love when everything is relaxed, pleasant, and beautiful at that moment, we must not forget the unwritten sex etiquette rules that everyone should abide by if we do not want to scare a partner and destroy ourselves a chance for a little casual fun.

Which of the sex etiquette rules do you follow regularly?

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I believe it is always very important to have lots of foreplay with a woman, before having intercourse! I want my women to feel extremely relaxed, relieved of all stress, and help her to have multiple orgasms and great pleasures!!! I spend most of my time with my tongue & fingers all over in her vagina area!!!!


You failed to mention one item in the before area. That is have clean sheets. Nothing turns a lady off more then a bed where the sheets look like they haven’t been washed in years.

Walter Foyt

I always use a condom, and I like to perform foreplay I believe it’s very important.

Azaryah Yisrael

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