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10 Sex Myths Everyone Thinks Are True

There have been a bunch of lies told about sex that you probably believed since you were a teenager, but never questioned them. They have, in a way, distorted your perception of human sexual behavior. In fact, they can be extremely damaging to your sexual habits and health. So, it’s time to bust those sex myths you thought were true this whole time.

Myth #1: Sex Looks Like Porn

People who watch porn for a long time can have exaggerated expectations and unusual demands from their future partners. Mainstream pornographic movies power male fantasies and are therefore completely different from the real thing.

Women in those videos are, unfortunately, portrayed as objects most of the time. Moreover, it seems like every woman orgasms during sex, which is as inaccurate as it can get. Sexual activity is almost always entirely different than what you see in porn, so don’t let porn ruin your intimate moments with another person.

Myth #2: Women Can’t Get Pregnant During Their Period

No matter what cycle a woman has, she can get pregnant when she least expects it. Sperm can live up to a week inside the woman’s body, so if you ovulate during that time, you can get pregnant. Sex myth that a woman can’t get pregnant during her period is dangerous for those not wanting to have a baby. Next time before you have sex, check your facts to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Myth #3: Younger People Have Better Sex Life

A sex myth that has been around for quite some time is that younger people have a better sex life and enjoy sex more than older people. However, every individual’s sexual behavior and every couple’s sex habits vary.

According to Live Science, sex is more satisfying for women after 40. The median age of participants in the research was 67. So, if you think you’re too old to have great sex, think again. Now, certain illnesses that come with old age can slow down your sexual drive or complicate specific sex positions. Nonetheless, you and your partner should definitely discuss sex more and enjoy sex well after the time you consider yourself young.

Myth #4: You Can Reuse Condoms

Another dangerous sex myth is that you can reuse condoms. Condoms are effective only if you use them once. The friction between you and your partner’s bodies weakens the condom and can damage it if you wash it and continue to use it.

Myth #5: Long-Lasting Sex Equals Great Sex

Many people think of sex as something that should last long to be great. Moreover, some will argue that it doesn't count as sex if it lasts less than 3 minutes.

However, some people prefer it that way or lack time to be intimate for more than 10 minutes. Also, according to a 2008 study from Canadian and American sex therapists, "adequate length of intercourse" is anywhere between three and seven minutes. 

Nonetheless, another study from Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences shows that average sex is 5.4 minutes long. Whatever the data tells you, there's no "adequate" time intercourse should last. If you and your partner prefer longer intimate moments, great! If a "quickie" if your thing, even better! 

Myth #6: You Should Have Sex at Least X Times per Week

Is there a book of prescriptions about sex? We don’t think so. If your friends have sex once a week, it doesn’t mean you and your partner should do the same. Again, you might have different sex habits. Sex myths about the frequency of having sex can only lead to you overthinking your sexual practices. If there’s anything that’s bothering you, discuss it with your partner first.

Myth #7: People Know When They Have an STI

Certain STI’s don’t have symptoms at all, especially if it’s men we’re talking about. If you suspect you might have an STI, go for a check-up. Otherwise, you could potentially infect your future partner without knowing it.

What’s more, women will experience symptoms of more STIs than men. So, before accusing each other of being unfaithful, get tested.

Myth #8: Drunk Sex Is the Best Sex

There are a couple of reasons why your sexual experience is better off without alcohol. You'll indeed relax more while being drunk. However, drinks are a terrible idea if you want to fully enjoy sex with your partner.

Not only does alcohol decrease sex drive in some people, but it makes it harder for your body to produce natural lubrication. If you don’t want unpleasant sex, do it sober, or at least sober enough to know what you’re doing.

Myth #9: Penetration Is All That Counts

Almost every sex scene you see on TV involves penetration. However, sex shouldn’t be only penetration. Sometimes, it doesn’t include that at all.

What’s more, most women can’t have an orgasm by the simple act of penetration. It takes more vaginal and clitoral stimulation for some. Next time you’re having sex, think about this sex myth and ask your partner what would they like most.

Myth #10: Sex Will Make Someone Love You

The last of the sex myths we’re mentioning is thinking that someone will love you if you have sex with them. That may be true for certain individuals, but the majority of people don’t value others only based on their sex skills. If you like the person, get to know them before or after the act, so you don’t get hurt.

Do You Agree With Our Sex Myths List?

There are a lot of sex myths out there that you probably thought were true. If you suspect the information you have is wrong, check your facts to enjoy sex more.

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