Sex Trends of 2021

When you hear the word "trend", you probably think of some pieces of clothing that came directly from the runway. However, the fashion industry is not the only one experiencing trends. Today, it seems necessary to be trendy in all fields, including sex. So, sex trends of 2020 are something you should at least think about.

Naturally, the type of sex and sexual habits are a matter of personal preference, but it's interesting to know what is most talked about. Whether it's an innovative sex toy, a classic sex position, the type of a condom, or even something as important as a cultural shift in the way we talk about sex, there's always something new to discover and explore in the sex world.

To keep everyone up to date, let’s find out what is in and what is out.

Orgasm is Not the Sole Purpose of Sex

The first on our list of sex trends of 2020 has to do with the whole act of sex. In 2020, orgasms won’t be the sole purpose of sex. It is something that very few partners talk about, especially if one of them is busy and wants to get it over with as soon as possible. Still, paying more attention to everything that precedes an orgasm is what makes sex special. The goal of having sex is not expecting who will reach the destination first but to enjoy the journey.

This process even has a name. It’s called "karezza" by the Italians. Karezza means "caress", and this term is used for a passionate and gentle relationship in which partners pay a lot of attention to each other without rushing to the grand finale. While delaying orgasm can be pleasurable, karezza is more about enjoying the ride. Try it out in 2020 and see if you and your partner will like it.

Apps, VR and Internet Integration

As soon as Samsung Gear VR became available, interest in pornographic content in virtual reality increased. The question is, is it possible to watch porn in VR? The answer is yes. People in the porn industry are always looking for and finding ways to leverage popular consumer-oriented technology.

Watching adult content in virtual reality is one of the sex trends that many will enjoy doing. It is an entirely different experience than watching pornographic TV channels, websites, or magazines. Virtual reality cuts you off from the environment, and you can't see or hear what's going on around you — virtual goggles with headphones that provide an immersive experience. Just because you choose VR and porn for yourself does not necessarily mean that it is a one-person activity. If your better half is interested, you can quickly turn virtual reality porn into a team activity.

There are several ways to do this, and each has its advantages. For instance, one person can try to synchronize their actions and movements with what is happening in the video. 

There are also extras for those who want something even more exciting. You can pair certain sex toys with VR glasses and allow the user to experience real-time porn events. There are already several toys like this, and the range goes from classic aids that connect via Bluetooth to specific sensors that enhance the stimulation.

Focus on the Pleasure

We can all get so overwhelmed with pressure, expectations, and anxiety that we forget that one of the best reasons for sex is that it should give you a good feeling. Prioritizing pleasure is one of the simplest things, but people often forget about it. Here are some ways it can improve your life:

  • If you enjoy having sex, you will be less pressured to have an orgasm. Orgasm isn’t the point of sex.
  • If you understand what you enjoy, it will be easier to look for what makes you happy.
  • You can reach another level of awareness and relaxation, and you won't bother with your or your partner’s physical imperfections.
  • If you surrender to pleasure, you will automatically be more committed to the moment.

Shower Sex 

The last on our list of sex trends isn't exactly new – it’s shower sex. The bathroom has been hailed as the second-most popular place for couples to hook up. And why wouldn't it be? It's usually spontaneous, and there's just something so exciting about getting it on while you get clean. 

However, having sex under the stream of water usually looks way more romantic in the movies – unless you've got a huge shower area that doesn't require acrobatic skills to avoid falling over and hurting yourself. Put it on your “must try” sex list for 2020 if you have a walk-in shower. If your shower’s too small, try a different spot in the bathroom to get it in.

Be sure to remember that water isn’t lubricant if you opt for shower sex. There are better options, like personal lubricants, to smooth out the feeling.

What Are Your Favorite Sex Trends?

Now that you know what sex trends you can expect in 2020, choose which ones to introduce to your partner and enjoy. Be it VR technology in the bedroom or shower sex, make sure to try it out in the New Year.

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