What Women Want: A Guide for Men

What do women actually want? Believe it or not, when in a relationship, women are the happiest and most content with tiny signs of affection. Although you can’t always make everyone happy, you can surely try.

As said in our previous article, every soul is unique, and you have to get to know a person to find out what they like. Luckily, there are a few traits women generally prefer to see in their partner.

We bring you 8 simple things that will make every woman most fortunate to be in a relationship with you.

1. They expect you to dedicate some of your time to them.

Of all the things that make women happy, the most valuable is the time spent with a partner. Most women who are happy and content with their relationships, spend at least an hour every day with their partner doing the things you love. Whether you take a pottery class with your girlfriend or a wife, or you take them out to dinner, it all counts. It’s the least you can do for your significant other. 

Almost a quarter of women who say they are unhappy in their relationship usually spend little time doing something they enjoy with their partner. Therefore, ask yourself how much time you devote to your partner without looking at your smartphone, television, or laptop. Also, make sure to save time for a conversation if you’re too busy taking a pottery class.

2. Respect - the most important trait you should give her. 

Women have a lot of responsibilities that go unnoticed; they are often not appreciated enough. Ask your girlfriend or your wife what makes them feel valued, and listen carefully. 

Respect is what comes first on the women’s list of male traits. It’s what shows them you value them as another human being, friend, and companion. In case there’s a lack of respect in the relationship, most women will feel bad about themselves, thinking it was their fault when, in fact, you’re the one to show some respect.

3. Women need understanding.

Women love to have a man who understands and supports them. But women need to help their partners learn how to really listen to what they are told. 

Men, on the other hand, often have no idea what women want to say to them because they do not know how to listen properly. Women should know how to tell a man exactly what they want. To tell all the details, women sometimes talk for a very long time, and men lose their attention and do not know what is being said to them. If you have the same problem, explain it to your partner so they can get straight to the point.

4. They want to have fun.

Having fun is one of those things that often kind of evaporates from a relationship after a few years. You can still have fun if you organize your time well.

Moreover, factors involving money, such as business, loans, and mortgages, can have a detrimental effect on the relationship. Couples should schedule a time that is dedicated only to them, and spend that time having fun while setting aside things like work and finances. Show your woman how to have fun again.

5. Show them attention.

Hugs, kisses, unexpected phone calls where you just want to say 'I love you' - these are all little signs of attention that mean a lot. They can light a spark of love after years of being in a relationship.

You should give your partner a hug or call at least a few times a week. These are small gestures that last only thirty seconds, but the improvement they can have on your relationship will surprise you.

6. Give them support. 

Sometimes we have a stressful day when we want to give everything up, stuff our head in a pillow and cry. Studies have shown that women are more emotional and more likely to experience sadness, melancholy, or depression. So, they are looking for someone who will have a crying shoulder in those moments and promise them everything will be okay.

It can seem like an unnecessary sentence, but once you say, “Everything will be all right,” you’re giving at least a glimmer of hope to your loved one.

7. Have some spontaneity.

Spontaneity does not mean that you should travel to a different country every weekend or that you should organize a party for your girl every day. The small things such as greeting her with a bathtub filled with roses or a cleaned apartment could make a woman’s day. 

Show spontaneity whenever you can. Invite her to dance unexpectedly or send her a lovely message saying how much you love her. 

8. Reciprocate in the bedroom.

Oral sex is an especially intimate part of your sex life. Women are more likely to experience orgasm with oral sex than through penetration.

A woman is not just here to please a man. She is looking for something in return. After you orgasm, do not just turn to the other side and instead put some effort into satisfying your partner. She deserves it and she will appreciate it. 

Do You Know What Women Want?

Whenever you're contemplating if you really understand a women, remember our list. It isn’t that complicated. A little bit of respect, time, fun, and support goes a long way.

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