Men Who Wear a Face Mask Are Sexier, According to U.S. Women

New Survey Conducted by Sexual Wellness Brand Royal Reveals 
New Perk of Mask Wearing - You’ll Be Much More Attractive to the Ladies

DAYTON, Ohio, August 20, 2020 -  An August 2020 survey conducted by sexual wellness brand Royal revealed that 88 percent of adult women in the U.S. find men who wear a face mask in public during the COVID-19 pandemic sexier than those who do not. Perhaps more notable – this sentiment holds true, even for women who are currently in a relationship with a non-mask wearer. 

“Largely because of societal conditioning, some men view masks as a sign of weakness,” said Neil Mehta, M.P.H., CEO and founder of Royal. “When you see how the majority of women perceive men in masks, however, it should be a game-changer for lots of guys, especially those who want to stay sexy in the eyes of their partner.” 

Will masks be making their way into the bedroom, too? 

Public health and sex experts recommend face coverings as a new guideline for partnered sex, and – according to the 500-person survey – this sentiment may be catching on among women, too. While only six percent of U.S. women have had sex with a face mask on during the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 25 percent are open to the idea. 

“Health and hygiene are supremely important to women as it pertains to their romantic relationships,” added Mehta. “Just one year ago, no one was thinking about having sex with masks on, and now, a shocking one in four women are either neutral about or likely to do it.”

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