Goody Howard, MSW, MPH - Sex Educator

Goody Howard is a world-renown sexologist, educator, and consultant. She has dedicated her life to “Empowering through sexual exploration, education, and awareness.”

Goody teaches sexual skill workshops, offers sex-positive professional development opportunities, and creates dope, sex-centered t-shirts!

She layers her focus on pleasure and education with her energetic and engaging presentation style. 

Her mantra is “Be Good or Be Good At It!” and she is determined to normalize sex-positive conversations as a way to ease stigma and improve sexual responsibility.

Sexual pleasure IS sexual health.

SPECIALTIES: Pleasure - Sexual Health - Healthy Relationships - Consent/Competence - Adult Toy Parties, Comprehensive Sex Education - Public Speaking


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*Goody Howard is not a therapist, mental health expert, or healthcare provider, nor does she provide medical, financial, legal, or certified counseling advice.