What Men Want: A Guide for Women

Sorry to burst your bubble but not every happy couple is “like two peas in a pod”. Although it might look like it sometimes, there are no two exact same people in this world. We are all unique in our own way, and our personalities make us stand out from one another. 

Many things make men and women significantly different, other than the obvious characteristics. It’s because of this that a man and a woman can go through periods of misunderstanding despite many years of living together or being in a stable relationship. 

You’ll find numerous articles that offer advice on what men are really looking for in a woman, and you may have already read those articles. 

Nonetheless, it's not about finding a recipe - how to play the game of unavailability, how to manipulate and get his attention, how to dress, or what to say. Attracting the right man and making the right connection comes down to being the best version of yourself and bringing your best into the relationship.

Also, there are many simple facts about men that women often forget. If you want to keep your partner happy, remember these simple things:

1. A little space and privacy can go a long way. 

Just because the two of you are in love, it does not mean that he will want to spend all of his time with you. He still needs his space and time to spend with other people or to be alone. He wants to maintain his individuality and do the things he wants to do. The same goes for you; if you’re both bound by your relationship, how can you grow independently?

2. They don’t always want to be the ones who take the initiative. 

When he has to make an effort (smooth things out after a fight), he will be ready to do his part. If he really loves you, he will not be afraid to show initiative in the relationship. Still, it’s silly of you to expect him to be the one doing it all the time. He wants to be with a girl who can show him initiative and effort at times. For example, if he’s the one buying condoms all the time, surprise him and do it yourself. It will mean a lot to him.

3. Trust - Not all men are cheats. 

You might think it's okay to spy on him and control him because you're afraid of losing him for another woman. However, it can only hurt his and your feelings. It will probably offend him if you don't trust him enough to let him be. If you’re the woman who constantly assumes that he will cheat on her as soon as the opportunity arises, you can bet that it will happen to you. You have to trust your partner and tell the truth if you suspect something’s wrong. A peaceful conversation is always a better option than a fight.

4. They hate unrealistic expectations. 

He understands that you will have certain standards and expectations in the relationship. In fact, he will respect your wishes most of the time. He will try his best to help you. But you must know that he will not do everything if you have unrealistic standards. He still wants you to be patient and reasonable, and within the expectations he can fulfill. 

5. They want you to appreciate their hard work. 

You may think he really doesn't care if you say thank you or not - but he does. Many women believe that men are usually the ones who do not want to make the effort of dating. It’s far from the truth. Men will always be ready to do their best. Moreover, they simply do not want to try harder if the woman does not acknowledge or appreciate the effort. 

6. Men get along better with self-respecting women. 

Men will always get along much better with a woman who knows how to value herself. If you can't show him what you deserve, he won't be motivated to treat you that way. If you show him that you are full of self-love, that you take care of yourself, and that your self-esteem is what makes you attractive, then you are basically teaching him what standards you have and how you want to be treated in a relationship. 

7. They don't want you to change them. 

Either you love him for who he is - or leave him alone. He will hardly be with someone who doesn’t give him the feeling of being loved and accepted. He will want to be with a girl who loves unconditionally - the way he really is. Although you want to get along with him, you can’t change him. He will change if and when he feels like changing, and you can’t do anything about it. If you change and evolve together, that’s the highest form of respect you can have towards one another.

Are You Still Confused About What Men Really Want?

You have to know your partner well to see what he wants and talk sincerely to get the information you need. In fact, men aren’t complicated. Just focus on being better yourself so you can see the beauty in your partner and follow these simple steps and we guarantee it will be worth it.

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