Intentionally made for every phase of your intimacy experience.

Why Royal?

Royal essentials are designed to elevate, compliment, and modernize your sexual wellness and body care experiences. From getting ready, to foreplay, to intimacy and clean up, our products are always vegan, all natural, and made inclusive so everyone feels their best the entire way.



Vegan. All Natural. Inclusive.

For decades old-school brands have been using the 'one size fits all' approach while using cheap materials and nasty chemicals in their products. At Royal, our condoms, lubes, wipes, washes and lotions are 100% natural with no added nonsense and formulated with everyone's body in mind.

ultra thin latex condoms with organic water based lubricant

Your Body. Your Control.

Everybody has the right to feel comfortable, confident and in complete control of their sexual wellness journey. That’s why our products are healthy, reliable and come in discreet, stress-free packages so you can proudly be healthy and sexy all the time.


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