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The definition of ‘safe sex’ has changed this year and barrier protection is important now more than ever. Royal’s Modern Day Sex Kit is the safest way to reduce risk of transmission for those who are making the decision to have sex. The Kit is equipped with condoms, lubricant, body wipes, and three high quality face masks. Staying healthy is extra sexy.
*Please interact responsibly and maintain safety in accordance with national, state, and local guidelines.

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What goes in and around your body matters. It’s time to say ‘no!’ to out-dated brands that use cheap materials and nasty chemicals in their sex products. At Royal, our condoms, lubes and body wipes are 100% natural with no added nonsense.
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Your Body, Your Business

Everybody has the right to feel comfortable, confident and in complete control of your sexual and personal care journey. Our products are healthy, reliable and come in discreet, stress-free packages so you never get that awkward feeling.
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With years of experience, full FDA clearance, perfectly-formulated products and more than 1,000,000 condoms sold, we provide safe, reliable accessories that never let you down. It’s our mission to make sex healthy, enjoyable and more fun.
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Because sexual health products have been the same for decades and it’s just not good enough. We’re changing the game by providing vegan, all-natural, high-quality condoms, lubricants and body wipes that you can rely on!
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We make it easier than ever to stay on top of your sexual health. Every Royal product can be bought individually or as part of an affordable, eco-friendly subscription package delivered direct to your door.

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Choose from all-natural condoms, organic lubricants and Vitamin E body wipes.

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Try the Regal Care Kit
Our condom, lubricant, and body wipe box-set is the best place to start!
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"Royal condoms, a new brand of 'luxury contraceptive'. After trying them, I felt more regal"

- Julia, Cosmopolitan Magazine
"This product outperformed many other top brands I have used on the daily. I highly recommend Royal as your go to fun protector"

- AG, Royal Customer
"I love this lube. No irritations what-so-ever, which I have gotten with others. Container is easy to use - flip-open top."

- Cathie, Royal Customer
"Best products I have ever used, the natural condom has no latex smell whatsoever and feels awesome! Honestly amazing stuff!"

- Clay, Royal Customer
"I've been using Royal products for a number of months now, and I came across these body wipes. I'm an active person, and like to hit the gym at lunch. These are great to freshen up after a workout when I'm headed back to the office. They're also a great way to freshen up before/after intercourse. Perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle."

- AJ, Royal Customer

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