Healthy Accessories for a Healthy Sex Life


Vegan, all natural, high quality sex and body care products made for everyone.

We Are Royal

The first minority-owned sexual wellness brand focused on giving
YOU control over your sexual health. We’re elevating the outdated, taboo,
ingredient-secret sexual wellness industry with healthy, high-quality, &
products so you can feel confident and safe during every intimate experience.

  • Vegan

    Our entire collection of sexual wellness & body care products are vegan (casein free) and cruelty free.

  • High Quality

    Each product is made with high quality, non toxic ingredients and chic, durable, & recyclable packaging.

  • Transparent

    Unlike traditional sexual wellness brands, we're 100% ingredient transparent so you know exactly what's going in or on your body.

  • Inclusive

    We formulate and design our products with everyone's health and experience in mind.

A message from our founder

"Your intimate life is constantly evolving but the products weren't. I started Royal to offer healthy, natural, and safe essentials for all people and to develop a platform to educate and freely discuss all things intimacy." - Neil, Royal Founder