As a modern sexual wellness company built on quality, healthy and inclusivity, our focus is to provide you with elevated essentials for every phase of your sexual wellness and body care experiences.

Neil Mehta, MPH - Founder & CEO of Royal Intimacy Essentials

Neil Mehta, Founder & CEO

Raised in Dayton, Ohio as an Indian-American I had my first condom buying experience when I was
17. In my culture it is taboo to talk about sex let alone having it so I ran into the store, picked up the first one that didn’t look obvious,
and quickly got out of there.

As I got older and my sex life became more experienced, much of what I used back
then hadn’t changed. It was clear that most brands weren’t focused on modernizing
their products by making them healthier and more inclusive rather creating mediocre
gimmicks that rarely worked.

After receiving my Master’s in Public Health, I decided to bridge my healthcare
knowledge with my own experiences to create elevated sexual wellness products
that are healthier, all natural, and inclusive for everyone.

In 2017 I launched Royal with the vision of providing elevated
essentials to compliment all facets of your sex and body care
experiences – for all people.