Organic Water Based Lubricant

Organic Water Based Lubricant.
Organic Water Based Lubricant.
Organic Water Based Lubricant.
Organic Water Based Lubricant.
Organic Water Based Lubricant.

Made with moisturizing aloe vera, our 100% natural water based lubricant is organic and ultra-hydrating. This personal lubricant formula is glycerin free and paraben free and pH balanced to maintain the ideal osmolality for your body. The lubricant can also be used with intimacy devices and condoms.

  • 100% Vegan, Organic
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • pH Balanced (maintains vaginal ph between 3.8-4.5)
  • Paraben Free, Silicone Free, Petroleum Free
  • Non-Greasy
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      • 2.5 fl/oz
      • Box - 1.89 in x 1.89 in x 5.98 in

      Water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, aloe extract, phenoexyethenol, sodium benzoate (natural food grade preservative)

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      Natural Lube for a Natural Groove.

      Our organic lubricant is specifically designed with your health and comfort in mind. Made with organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, it’s the all-natural way to a silky smooth sex life - without the risk of rashes or irritation.

      Water-Based To Avoid That Greasy Feeling.

      We HATE oily lubes that seem to stick around for hours after you’ve tried to wash them off. That’s why our lubricant is water-based and aloe-infused to maintain smoothness and moisture while being easy to clean and wash off the first time!

      Made To Maintain a Balanced Vaginal pH.

      We pride ourselves on being vagina friendly! Our lubricant is made with non-toxic ingredients (no fragrances, petroleum, silicone, paraben or glycerin!) and are perfectly-measured to avoid any unnecessary discomfort and maintain a healthy vaginal pH between 3.8 and 4.5.

      Made for Everyone.

      Our lubricant is food-grade quality and is safe to use during any sexual experience. Even better, they pair perfectly with natural latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene, lambskin condoms and intimacy toys.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 40 reviews
      Torsten S

      Only good experience with use and quality. Neutral and fresh smell and taste. Flawless delivery.

      MIKE Yadrick
      Great product

      works better than astroglide. Less tast and less stickiness

      Gary Miller
      Best lube I’ve ever used.

      The lube works great and the tube flip top makes it much easier to use.

      stacy delavega
      Drys fast during oral

      Hi this product is phenomenal as far as the lubrication it provides the fact that you can use it for any type of intercourse or oral sex the only thing I have a problem with is if I am performing oral sex on my boyfriend it dries very fast and I have a dry mouth for medication that I take so that’s why I purchase this as it works beautifully it also dries very quickly so that’s the only thing I have a problem with and I wish that there was more product I would prefer paying more for a larger tubeBecause You have to use it several times during each session. It is great for intercourse!

      Mike B
      Sliiiiightly disappointed

      Real brief. My girl and I have had a interesting time trying to find healthy lubes for her and myself that would provide good glide, no friction, and was considerate of her vaginal health. *insert Royal* a few YouTube influencers recommended it and we thought, “Wth. Let’s go for it!”
      Pros: no synthetic nonsense. All natural, water based product.
      Cons: dried up quicker than expected. I know that’s kinda the thing with water based lubes, but in order to keep things juicy, you’re going to need to apply a good amount and hopefully not have to reapply. So that was a little disappointing having to reapply more frequently than expected.
      I’d recommend it simply because of its natural ingredients. I wanna love this product, but it’s more of a plan C if all other lubes aren’t around. I’ve had better success with another water based lube. And as much as I hear conflicting stories on silicone based lubes, that seems to be the go to for keeping things wet. Just my 2 cents.

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