Why Choose Royal?

Because we think what goes in and around your body really matters...

Sexual Hygiene & Body Care Products Have Been The Same for Decades - and It’s Just Not Good Enough!

We’re Changing The Game By Providing All-Natural, Vegan & High-Quality Condoms, Lubes, Wipes, Washes & Lotions...

…so you can feel confident, comfortable and in complete control of your sexual and personal care journey - all while getting a truly regal experience.

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Ever think ‘I wish I could have more control over my hygiene’?

But the big, old-fashioned brands just don’t understand what you need and why you need it.

Don’t worry, we hear that a lot! And being comfortable with your sexual and personal hygiene is easier said than done. It’s really tough to find a brand that cares.

Maybe you’ve been using condoms with a nasty smell, lubricants that irritate your skin, or wipes, washes and lotions that don’t feel good on your body.

If you’re like most people, you’re feeling completely disillusioned with companies who care less about your personal care than their power over the consumer. But you keep buying from them because there’s no other option. Until now…

Feel a Royal difference in your sexual hygiene and body care...

Whether you’re looking to stay safe, spice up your sex life or just feel clean and healthy - we’re here to give you a quality, affordable solution you can trust.

Our products are vegan-friendly, ethically-sourced and come in discreet, simple packages - so you can feel confident and comfortable in your personal care journey.

If You’ve Ever Said Any of These Things… We Can Help!

I want to feel comfortable buying sexual and personal hygiene products…

But I always get embarrassed when I go to the store. If I buy online, I’m scared my family will recognize the major brands and figure out what I’m getting up to!

I want to know exactly what I’m putting in and around my body…

But I can’t find a company that discloses the ingredients they use. I have no idea what their products are made of and I’m worried about any negative effects!

I want to buy from a company I trust…

But it seems like everyone in the market just mass produces the same old sh*t and doesn’t care about me. I can’t find a brand that understands my personal needs!

and most importantly,

I just want to feel clean and healthy at all times without any added stress…

But when I think about sexual hygiene and body care products that cause stinging, itching and irritation - I just can’t relax! (and that doesn’t help with my confidence…)

When It Comes To Your Hygiene, It’s Our Job To Make You Feel Like Royalty - Every Single Day!

With Years of Experience, Full FDA Clearance, Vegan-Friendly Ingredients & More Than 1,000,000 Products Sold…

...We’re Keeping Our Promise To Encourage Safety, Engage The Senses & Promote Better Sexual Hygiene & Body Care!

Our customers usually come to us because they’re sick and tired of big brands taking them for granted. And we love that! You shouldn’t have to put up with thick condoms, greasy lotions or products that stink of alcohol and artificial fragrances.

It gets to the point where you’re not feeling at your best (or feeling confident about your own personal care)... Can you imagine anything more depressing than that?!

That’s why it’s our mission to become the personal hygiene company that caters for everyone - with a focus on health, quality, sustainability and affordability.

At Royal, There Are Countless Reasons Why People Rely On Us Time & Time Again. Here are Just a Few...

strong and durable condoms

We get it. The main barrier to using a sexual and body care brand is trust. That’s why you go back to the common brands (even if you don’t like their products).

We knew it would be hard work to knock those guys off their perch. But since 2015, we’ve let our products do the talking, with more than 1,000,000 sold worldwide!

We give our customers contraception they can rely on 100% of the time, alongside a range of body wipes, washes and lotions that always keep you clean and healthy.

all natural
free shipping

We’re done with cartoonish, old-school brands that make your skin crawl when you pick up a box. We’re making sexual health something you can be confident about.

Our sleek, no-frills packaging is the definition of ‘low-key’ so you never have to worry about feeling embarrassed if grandma sees you stocking up for the weekend.

We offer equally-chill subscription plans to help you stay on top of your sexual health with complete comfort. We’ll deliver direct to your door in a discreet package.

fair trade
eco friendly

Royal doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet or leave a mark on the planet. Our products are affordable, environmentally-friendly and FDA cleared.

We don’t buy from companies who neglect their social responsibility. So why should you? We create organic, cruelty-free products that are 100% eco-friendly.

And we hate it when companies price you out of the products you need to use on a regular basis. That’s why our condoms, lubes, wipes, washes and lotions don’t break the bank.

Triple Tested

And Above All, We Really Do Care!


Neil Mehta, MPH - the brains behind the Royal brand - has a real passion for healthcare and sexual hygiene. In his eyes, personal care products should do three things: keep you safe, engage all your senses and feel more luxurious than ever.

During his Public Health Master’s in New York City, he noticed that hygiene products hadn’t changed for decades. Something had to be done. And so, Royal was born - the first all-natural, vegan, high-quality brand of sexual and personal care products!

From day one, Neil and the whole Royal team have been 100% committed to making you feel safer, stronger and more enjoyable. Delivering industry-leading products and complete care for our customers is what drives us every single day!

We’ve Even Got a Resident ‘Sex-pert’!


"Royal condoms, a new brand of "luxury contraceptive". After trying them, I felt more regal"

- Julia, Cosmopolitan Magazine
"This product outperformed many other top brands I have used on the daily, recomendable most definitely. Have Royal as your go to fun protector"

- AG, Royal Customer
"I love this lube. No irritations what-so-ever, which I have gotten with others. Container is easy to use - flip-open top."

- Cathie, Royal Customer
"Best products I have ever used, the natural has no latex smell whatsoever and feels awesome! Honestly amazing stuff!"

- Clay, Royal Customer
"I've been using Royal products for a number of months now, and I came across these body wipes. I'm an active person, and like to hit the gym at lunch. These are great to freshen up after a workout when I'm headed back to the office. They're also a great way to freshen up before intercourse. I found them to be durable and with a neutral scent. They leave me refreshed and fit in well with my on-the-go lifestyle."

- AJ, Royal Customer

So, If You’re Finally Ready To:

Put Your Health In The Hands of Trusted Professionals...

Put Your Hygiene Worries Behind You...

& Put The Big Brands Back Where They Belong...

Start Your Royal Journey Today!

I’m In. Take Me To The Shop!

The Royal Story

Royal is founded
Received FDA510(k) clearance
Royal launches our first line of natural, strawberry, and chocolate condoms
Royal ultra thin condoms water based lubricants body wipes body lotion body wash featured in Cosmopolitan magazine
Featured in cosmopolitan magazine & launched on Amazon
“Pillow Talk”, the Royal blog, goes live
Royal launches our first organic water based lubricant
Over 1,000,000 condoms sold!
New product line launched, including eco friendly body wipes.
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