10 Products to Boost Your Sexual Wellness

10 Products to Boost Your Sexual Wellness

Intimacy Can Be Intimidating, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

It’s easy to feel like your libido is depleted after a long day, and a lot of the focus around your sex life can be centered on your partner but learning how to take care of your sexual wellness is the best way to ensure that both of you reach your happy ending, every time.

Want to know more? Read on to learn about 10 products that can help you boost your sexual wellness.

Organic, Water-Based Lubricant

Lube is essential when it comes to your sexual wellness toolkit; however, not all lubricants are created equal. When looking for a lube to add to your routine, you should ensure that it is a water-based organic lube — meaning that it’s stain-free and doesn’t include the chemicals found in traditional oil-based lube, which can eat away at condoms. 

Wrap Before You Tap

Safe sex is great sex but finding a condom that works and still provides a pleasurable for you and your partner can be difficult. Ultra thin condoms are favored by most, but you should also look for condoms that are vegan, durable, spermicide-free, cruelty-free, and FDA-approved.

Hygienic Body Wipes

Ditch the old tee-shirt or towel clean-up methods after doing the dirty and opt for intimacy wipes instead! Intimacy body wipes will clean up leftover fluids post-sex without causing irritation or interfering with your body’s pH.

Natural Body Wash

Most soaps are not designed to be used downstairs, and as a result, they can cause irritation and interfere with your body’s natural pH. Look for a 2-in-1 feminine wash and body wash to cleanse safely without discomfort and stay fresh as a daisy!

Intimate Body Lotion

Did you know you can moisturize down there? With an all-natural, intimate body lotion you can keep your delicate areas hydrated and protected.

Nutritional Supplements

Add a supplement designed to nourish your body and boost your sex drive to revamp your sexual wellness routine from the inside out!


Whether you’re operating solo or with a partner, bringing a toy into the bedroom is a great way to take your experience to a new level. To learn more about toys and spice up your sex life, read on:


Are you and your partner open to experiencing a new kind of stimulation? Try incorporating a vibrator in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking for something small and discreet like a bullet or larger with more options for pleasure like a rabbit--a vibrator can offer stimulation for men and women to experience together or solo.

For His Pleasure

Want to improve your sex life and last all night long? Try using a penis ring! When applied to the base of the penis, they can make your erection harder, larger, and longer-lasting. A win-win for you and your partner!


Handcuffs, restraints, ties, whips, ticklers, masks — the bondage toy options are endless for partners who like to get a little freaky between the sheets.


Make anytime playtime with seductive lingerie. Find a bodysuit, teddy, or bra and thong set that makes you feel sexy and that your partner will find irresistible and turn the heat up on your sex life today!

Prioritize Your Sexual Wellness

Improve your sex life by using products to prioritize your own sexual wellness. From hygiene products to protection, toys, and accessories, find what makes you feel sexy, smart, and safe!

Check out some of Royal’s sexual wellness products today!

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