How To Squirt

5 Steps On How To Squirt

Squirting: No, it's not a myth vaginas can ejaculate 💦.

But many don't know how to do it. So, how do you squirt? We're here to tell you.

You can learn how to release your fluidness during an orgasm! Don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen the first time you try it. Like with everything else, practice makes perfect. 

1. This is very important. You need to empty your bladder before any type of arousal.

2. Turn on some porn, whip our your favorite toy, or start some foreplay with your partner.

🤤 Really get yourself going 🤤

3. Focus on stimulating blood flow around your clit. Using a water based lube can help to reduce skin irritation while stimulating the area.

Royal Organic Water Based Lube

4. When you're turned on, insert your or your partner's middle and ring finger a couple of inches inside the vagina and rub the G-spot, which feels like a small ridged area along the front of your vaginal wall.

Pressing the G-spot to increase the swelling of the skene gland (also referred to as the female prostate)

5. Hook your fingers to press into the area to help stimulate the glands, causing you to squirt. Keep the palm of your hand cupped around your clitoris to get dual stimulation.

A deep thrusting motion tends to work for a lot of women. But if it doesn’t happen for you right away, just enjoy the pleasure for now and keep experimenting. If you need more pressure, use a dildo or vibrator.

Enjoy exploring your new sex trick 😉.

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