4 Intimate Positions To Flourish This Spring

The weather is heating up which means, far less clothing, more social occasions, more traveling, and more chances to hook up with that person you've been secretively loving online.

It's been a long cuffing season so let's spice up your sex life with these positions.

1. The Ice Cream Sunday

The ice cream sundae sex position

Give your partner a taste of you by straddling them and offering yourself for a samplings. Lean your head onto either side of theirs, giving them access to your neck for kissing, licking, and more. Their hands are free to explore your hips, check, clitoris and other erogenous zones, even while having pentrative sex from this position.

Want to add toys?

If your partner has a vulva, try a vibrating strapless strap-on.

Penis? Try a vibrating cock ring.

2. The Sex on The Beach

Sex on the Beach

No beach and no pool? Get yourself an inflatable pool and have at it. You can squirt lube, bodily fluids, whatever you want all over the place - just dump and clean you and the pool after.

Top recommendation: get a waterproof vibrator. Hand it to your partner and lean back.

3. The Tame Your Lion

Tame Your Lion

Tame or be tamed with a sexy variant on the cat/cow yoga position.

One partner gets on all fours arching their back up into a cat-curl yoga position. The other partner approaches from behind wrapping a scarf, tie, pillowcase or any other long piece of cloth around their lover's waist. They can pull them close and control the rhythm as they tame their lion. 

Purring/roaring is optional.

4. The Pool(ish) Sex

Pool(ish) position

If you dig the idea of pool sex but not the bits about possible waterborne weirdness getting into your cooch and/or the paradoxical need for SO. MUCH. LUBE, just get next to the pool.

One of you sits at the edge of the pool with your legs draped over the edge into the water, the other is in the pool, conveniently located for all things oral.

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