It’s Hot Vax Summer! Tips to Jump Back in the Dating Pool

If you’re vaxed, waxed, and ready for snacks this summer, chances are you may be thinking of ways to get back in the dating game, and enjoy the sunshine and newfound freedom with a cutie.

The pandemic has changed dating as we know it for over a year. From Zoom Netflix dates, to eating spaghetti dinner with a laptop in between people, there is no denying that the pandemic made dating...weird. What was already an anxiety-filled experience has become harder with so much time away from strengthening our in-person dating muscles (although we’ve surely flexed other muscles like our thumbs on remotes.) 

If you’re feeling a little nervous to get back to dating post-pandemic, know that that’s a completely normal and warranted feeling! Chances are, your date feels the exact same. 

Before You Take the Dive

Before you go on any dates, whether a friend suggests you meet up with someone they just know you’d hit it off with, or you try your hand in swiping on a dating app, it’s best to make sure you’re safe. Make sure to ask about pandemic habits and precautions so you can feel safer about what you’re getting into. Obviously, ensure you’re not experiencing any covid symptoms beforehand. You might want to know if your date is vaccinated, or discuss what kind of safety precautions you’ll implement if not, whether that’s wearing a mask or meeting at a safe outdoor space, like a park. 

Once you know the agenda, you can plan accordingly. So take a deep breath and throw on that outfit you’ve been waiting to wear for over a year. Follow these tips to ensure you get the most out of hot vax summer!

  1. It’s Normal to Feel Nervous

Although dating anxiety feels like a personal plague, plenty of people have been hunkered down and off their dating game, just like you. There are also plenty of people just waiting to get back into the dating game post-pandemic.

Because we haven’t flexed our dating muscles in over a year, it’s normal to feel more anxious than usual. Use your nervousness as an icebreaker rather than a prohibitor for conversation, and joke about how strange it is to be in person with a real, live human. And remember, awkward moments make for fabulous stories down the line. 

  1. Date in Small Doses 

Just the fact that you are on a date post-pandemic is a success. Cases are dropping, and vaccines are more readily available. Set small expectations for a date so that you avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

You also won’t want to overdo it so that you don’t burn out. In some ways, the pandemic has made meeting with others more intentional. Use this newfound quality to your advantage as you listen and fully take in the experience of (hopefully enjoying) another’s company. 

  1. Vintage Dating Etiquette Still Applies

Eye contact, smiling, relaxing, remember these? Dust off habits like eye contact from the closet that stores all your pre-pandemic habits and bust them out for your date. Confidence is key! And, it’s a major turn-on

Body language is a significant indicator that you are interested in another person or not. Dating post-pandemic, the same old rules still apply. Ask engaging questions about the other person, don’t be late, and don’t look at your phone! Also, always offer to pick up half the tab. 

  1. What Are You Looking For?

Before you go on a date, take a gauge of what you’re looking for, whether that’s a fling, a casual night, or something more serious. It’s always good to let people know what page you’re on to save you (and them) the heartache if you aren’t on the same page. All options are okay, and if it turns out that your date is looking for something else, know that there are plenty of people who are looking for the same kind of experience as you, whether that’s a hot one night fling or a relationship. Try not to get discouraged if one person doesn’t align with what your goals are. 

  1. Must-Haves for Hot Vax Summer

Dating post-pandemic, make sure that you follow sexual safety precautions. Just like in pre-pandemic times, always have protection on hand, as you never know how your date may heat up. Remember, you can only have a good time if you have a safe time. The Modern Day Sex Kit has everything you’ll need to stay protected, clean, and well-lubricated to spice up the summer fun. 

The Royal Modern Day Sex Kit

Now, you have everything you need to get the most out of hot vax summer. So get out there, apply that SPF sunscreen, be safe, and have a blast!

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