10 Ways to Use a Water Based Lubricant

What comes to mind when you hear the word lubricant? Whether it’s something familiar and evokes feelings of relaxation, satisfaction, and passion, or you forget that this product even exists, there are multiple uses for it. If you’re a seasoned user of water-based lubricants, you most definitely used them on more than one occasion. 

However, even you might forget how you can use a lubricant. 

1. Use It When You’re Alone

Water-based lubricants are an excellent tool to help you relax while you masturbate. Forget about the most common portrayal of body lotions as lubricant substitutes as they contain harmful chemicals and instead use an organic personal lubricant of your choice.

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2. Massage Your Partner 

Next, you can use it to massage your partner. When you run out of your massage oil, a lubricant is a perfect replacement. What’s best about it is that it won’t stain your sheets like oil. Also, you can use it for a sexy massage and simply move down during the massage until you reach your intimate zones. 

3. Enhance Sensations During the Foreplay

Some people are sensitive to various chemicals found in lubricants but would like to have fun during foreplay nonetheless. Applying an all-natural water-based organic lubricant onto your intimate parts during foreplay will make the experience go smoother, and you’ll find yourself enjoying the moment.

4. Use It for a Blowjob

Did it ever happen to you that you didn’t have enough spit, or it dries off too fast? It always happens, but you can prevent it. Use water-based lube instead. You won’t notice the difference between the lube and the spit and your jaw won’t get as tired.

5. Enhance Vaginal Intercourse

Enhancing vaginal intercourse is the main reason you would buy a personal lubricant. Apply if however you like, a few drops or a few drops more on the condom, on the penis, or the vagina. If the friction feels uncomfortable, apply more.

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6. Make Anal Intercourse Possible

People use saliva for many different activities during sex. Anal sex is one of those activities where you shouldn’t use saliva. It dries out very fast, and it becomes ineffective within seconds. Use a mild water-based lubricant instead. Since you don’t have natural lubrication down there, make sure to apply as much as you can.

7. Use It With Your Sex Toys

This one is obvious. You have to use lubes when with your sex toys, especially when you’re alone. How else would you get them to slide nicely? Just make sure you’re using a water-based lube and not oil-based lube since it washes off easily from toys, sheets, and your body. Also, don’t use silicone-based lubes with toys because they will break down.


8. Put It Inside the Condom

You probably did put more on top of the condom, but did you ever remembered to put a little lubricant inside the condom? Using a condom shouldn’t ruin sex. If you think condom feels dry, apply some lube on top and inside the condom! This way, both of you will feel different sensations than when only using condoms. Again, pay attention to what you’re buying. Oil-based lubricants will destroy latex condoms, so going with a water-based lubricant is a safe bet.

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9. Use It to Stimulate Different Erogenous Zones

As you can see, you can use lubricants not only for the direct application on your or your partner’s intimate parts but with other activities as well. Try to use it when you want to stimulate erogenous zones on each other’s bodies. In case you aren’t familiar with the term - these zones are the places on your body that have a higher sensitivity to stimulation and can produce sexual arousal or orgasm. Except for your down under area, you can achieve such a response with ears, neck, nipples, thighs, or feet.

10. Easier Menstrual Cup Insertion

Last, there’s an unconventional use for a water-based lubricant. It can make your job more manageable if you’re using menstrual cups. Most women can’t have natural lubrication in a few seconds, so it’s much faster to apply a dab of lube on the rim of a menstrual cup before you insert it.


How Do You Use Personal Lubricants?

Water-based lube is safe to use with any contraceptive method and can come in handy many times. Now is your turn to try it out. If you already used water-based lubricants, do you like them? How do you use them? Let us know in the comments below.

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I have never been using it.


1st. Can we use water base lune on vaginal part of women.
2nd can we apply on penis then to put condom after applying lube.
3rd can we use both lube and bd care spray at same time


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