Royal Claims the #1 Spot in Women'sHealth 17 Best Flavored Condoms in 2021

Flavored condoms for the win! Royal is honored to have our strawberry flavored condoms as the #1 flavored condom in Women'sHealth latest roundup condoms you must try!

"These strawberry-flavored condoms from Royal are Wright's top pick: 'They taste really good, and the lubricant used is PH-balanced, FDA-cleared, and has no spermicide. They’re also made with sustainably-sourced, natural rubber latex, which many flavored condoms are not,'"

As a bonus, our Chocolate Flavored Condoms made the list too!

"Another pick from Royal, but this time in chocolate. This company puts its quality ingredients right on the box with its vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and paraben-free labels."

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