How Erotic Audio Stories Can Increase Intimacy

When you’re engaged in an intimate relationship, it means connecting with your partner on a deeper level – both physically and emotionally. Intimacy is an important factor in achieving a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. The good news is that there are countless ways to increase intimacy both inside and outside the bedroom. And what’s even better is that one often directly impacts the other.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or bond with your partner in new ways, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use erotic audio stories to achieve a new level of closeness and unlock desires and pleasure you never knew existed!

What Are Erotic Audio Stories?

Before we get into using erotic audio stories to increase intimacy, you’re probably wondering what they even are. Also referred to as audio porn, these naughty and stimulating tales are essentially erotica on tape. Think of them as pornographic versions of your favorite audiobooks or short stories. 

These beautifully written stories include vivid details and descriptions that are then read aloud for your listening pleasure. Most soundbites are only a few minutes long but are sexy enough to pique your interest and get your blood pumping. This is especially true on the website Sofia Sins where every story is available from the perspective of both participants. That means you can get inside the mind and body of each character and experience the story through their eyes. Erotic audio stories are available in a variety of categories including romantic, mature, and taboo sex to threesomes, BDSM, and group sex, making them universally appealing. 

How to Use Audio Porn to Increase Intimacy in Your Relationship

Most couples agree that over time, things can get a little stagnant in the bedroom. Life stressors and obligations can put a wrench in your once wild and crazy sex life. But with a little effort and innovation, you can breathe new life into your sexual routine and uncover new ways to tease and please one another. 

Erotic audio stories offer the perfect opportunity to do just this! And here’s how.

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Did you know that men enjoy foreplay as much as women? All that sexual tension and build-up only lead to more satisfying sex and intense orgasms. The best part is, that foreplay can start long before you’re physically together. Sending sexy text messages throughout the day or leaving a naughty note or even a pair of panties in your partner’s briefcase is the perfect way to let them know you’ll be thinking of them all day long. 

Instead of sending nude selfies or explicit text messages, why not send something a bit more creative and a lot more exciting? Like a link to your favorite erotic audio story? Choose a story that depicts a sex scene you’re dying to try or a scenario that was especially arousing for you. Now, share the link with your partner. Be sure to point out what parts of the story you liked most or which sex acts you’d like to recreate later. Now, your significant other can listen to the sound bite at their convenience. All they need is a pair of headphones or earbuds and a few minutes of privacy and they’ll be fantasizing about you (and the sexy story you sent) all day long! It’s also extremely hot to know that you and your lover are being turned on by the same story. This helps create a unique connection and bond that you can capitalize on when you’re finally together. 

*Bonus: Another awesome thing about audio porn is that you can listen to these stories anywhere at any time and no one will be the wiser. Unlike pornographic clips and videos you find online that are accompanied by moaning, screaming, and vivid imagery, audio porn is more discreet, allowing you to enjoy it at your convenience. 

Explore Your Fantasies Together

Everyone has a sexual fantasy, whether it’s something as mild as being blindfolded and tied up to something more intense like having a threesome or attending a swingers party. Sharing these fantasies with your lover can be intimidating. You may be concerned about what they’ll think of you, how they’ll react, and if they’ll be turned on or turned off. 

One way to see where your partner stands when it comes to certain fantasies and sexual scenarios is to share an erotic audio story about your fantasy of choice. If you’re a man aroused by the thought of watching your wife with another man, send her a cuckold erotic audio story and see how she reacts. Are you someone who enjoys being spanked but can’t bring yourself to ask for it? Encourage your partner to listen to a BDSM story that involves spanking. Because audio porn is written and presented so beautifully, it’s an easy and non-intimidating way to share your deepest desires with your partner without fear of judgment or rejection. In fact, the more honest and vulnerable you are with your other half, the more intimate your relationship will be.

Learn What Gets Each Other Off

They say it’s better to give than to receive. Do you get off on getting your partner off? There’s something extremely sexy about giving your significant other unmatched pleasure. And the more you know about what makes your partner tick, the better equipped you’ll be to give them some of the most intense orgasms of their life!

One way to use audio porn for this is to let your partner choose a story that turns them on and watch how they react. Listen together and watch as your lover touches themselves. Pay close attention to what parts of the story your partner reacts to most strongly. Watch how and where they touch themselves as the story intensifies. If they’re willing, let them bring themselves to the brink of pleasure. This in itself is an extremely intimate and vulnerable act and one that will increase both your physical and emotional connection. And now you can use this knowledge of what excites them and how they like to be touched to continue to satisfy them time and again. 

Add Erotic Audio Stories to Your Sexual Routine

They say variety is the spice of life. When it comes to increasing intimacy in the bedroom, it takes creativity, commitment, and an open mind. While some people love viewing pornographic material, others find it offensive or off-putting. Audio porn beautifully delivers vivid, sexy details that require you to use your naughty imagination. Together with your partner, the possibilities and pleasure are truly endless. 

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