National Orgasm Day! Benefits of Having an Orgasm

National Orgasm Day! Benefits of Having an Orgasm

Reasons behind why the day was invented and multiple cases for enjoying an orgasm or 5

Bet you didn’t know that it was National Orgasm Day! The point of this holy holiday is to pay homage to the peak of pleasure, the tip of the iceberg, the crème de la crème: orgasms. Orgasms, for some people, are the impetus behind having sex. They feel good and have multiple surprising benefits. 

What’s with the day of devotion?

It does seem like now there’s a day devoted to everything from donuts to cat appreciation, but the reasons behind National Orgasm Day make a good case for its calendar appearance. 

For one, having a day devoted entirely to the delectable experience of coming helps to destigmatize sex and pleasure. And when we destigmatize pleasure? People can speak candidly about their deepest desires, more folks are fulfilled, and all of the world’s problems are solved. Okay. The last one is a stretch, but you get the point, right? 

Open conversations about orgasms lead to fewer people faking them, which leads to increased satisfaction all around. 

Another reason behind National Orgasm Day is to end the orgasm gap. What’s the orgasm gap, you ask? In heteronormative relationships, figures suggest women have fewer orgasms than their male counterparts. And it’s time we close the gap!

National Orgasm Day raises awareness around sexual function and dysfunction around orgasming, which stem from myriad sources ranging from stress and mental health to medication and medical reasons. 

What actually is an orgasm? 

Simply put, an orgasm is a release of sexual tension that involves the contracting of muscles around the genitals. Typically, orgasms leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. 

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How to celebrate the day

Just consider National Orgasm Day to be like Christmas, but for your genitals! 

You might celebrate by:

  • -Having an orgasm with a partner
  • -Bringing your partner to orgasm in a new way like trying a different -position, sex toys, or in the bath
  • -Break out the water based lube and masturbate 
  • -Talk about orgasms with your boo or friends
  • -Check in with your partner (or self!) about the quality and frequency of your orgasms. Would you like to have more? How can you make your orgasmic goals come true? Today is the day to get real about coming. 

    Benefits of orgasms

    The benefits of orgasms are manifold, and you can rest pleasantly assured—they are good for you in multiple ways. How, you might ask?

    • Pleasure

    The first and most obvious benefit of having an orgasm is to experience pleasure. Orgasms release several feel-good chemicals that can make you feel a state of bliss post-coitus and can easily make you feel happier, calmer, and more content. 

    • Mental health

    Because of the feel-good chemicals released during orgasm, orgasms can lead to better mental health and decreased stress. The chemical dopamine, for example, governs pleasure sensations. Oxytocin impacts emotion regulation. Both of which are released during orgasm. So, combat the blues with sex!

    • Help with sleep

    During orgasm, the brain releases a host of chemicals that make you feel drowsy. Oxytocin heightens excitement, but when it wears off, it can cause sleepiness which might explain why after an orgasm, you can fall asleep easier. 

    • Pain management

    You might see a decrease in pain post-orgasm because of the oxytocin and endorphins released. People have reported pain alleviation from menstrual cramps to migraines because of orgasms. This also might explain why activities like spanking, biting, and hair-pulling are enjoyable during sex whereas they would hurt much more in a non-sexual context. 

    • Good for your brain

    Orgasms stimulate your brain and help with focus. Several areas of the brain light up during sex and affect our decision-making and problem-solving abilities. So if you’re stumped over what to do about a problem, try an orgasm before you make a decision. 

    • Strengthen bonds with partners

    Because of the release of feel-good chemicals, orgasms can strengthen bonds with partners and attachments making you feel more connected and intimate after climaxing. Some couples report that after sex, they are less likely to fight for a number of days! 

    • Less risk of prostate cancer and heart disease 

    Some studies suggest that orgasms might lower the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease. So, an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! 

    • You’re getting a workout in

    During orgasm, certain muscles tense, specifically in the pelvic floor but also in the abdominals, butt, or thighs. Sex can be a great cardiovascular exercise, too. So if a pilates class isn’t for you, perhaps try an orgasm to increase pelvic floor strength. 

    You don’t need to have partnered sex to reap the benefits of orgasms! Whether you’re flying solo or getting it on with a partner, we wish you a happy National Orgasm Day!

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