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Top 10 Secrets to an Amazing Relationship

There are countless self-help books, guides and experts who offer seemingly ideal advice on how to have an amazing relationship. Their approach, however, fails to include the most important aspect of all: time. Good relationships don’t grow overnight, just like certain flower species that need a few years to bloom.

Did you ever wonder why every fairytale end with “and they lived happily ever after”? It’s quite simple. Every relationship is different and has to fulfill particular needs in order to last.

To describe an amazing relationship, one should probably write out a thousand more pages. Moreover, the author would have to adjust the story to the characters’ personalities.

Luckily, if you dedicate them enough time and effort, most relationships can become amazing. Naturally, we can’t generalize but we found that successful couples have a few secrets when it comes to relationship maintenance. Let’s see what those are.

1. Accept Your Partner

If you think that happy couples share one and the same personality, think again. The first step towards a better relationship is accepting your partner “as is”.

You can forget about changing them as you want. Everyone is different and with flaws. Learn to accept them, as well as appreciate their good traits. Also, learn to take responsibility for your feelings, because they are the trigger of your need to “fix” your partner.

2. Show Mutual Admiration

People are fragile by nature and a tiny sign of admiration cheers them up. When was the last time you heard someone saying “I’m really proud of you”? It feels good, right?

Even if the love of your life has ups and downs in their life, make sure to show more admiration than criticism. Happy couples will occasionally criticize each other’s moves only to divert the other from bad decisions. The admiration will, on the other hand, take the larger proportion of the social emotion cake.

3. Stay Honest

Most people will hide their true self at the beginning of a relationship. Why trying if your partner will find out your real traits eventually?

Staying true to yourself, showing and saying what you feel will make you more vulnerable in front of others, but that’s the whole point. Honesty is probably the hardest quality, especially in the heat of an argument. Still, managing to stay honest during the hard times is rewarding in the long run.

4. Communicate Clearly

Clear communication is the foundation to any happy relationship. If your partner is unable to decipher what you’re trying to say, or if you’re not saying anything at all, you can’t expect that they will want to communicate.

It’s what deteriorates a relationship. To avoid it, make sure you learn what is the best way for you two to communicate and how you can improve it.

5. Support Your Significant Other and Respect Their Needs

As said, flaws are something you have to learn to accept in each other. But you also have to respect your partner’s needs. What’s more, your significant other will sometimes have ideas that sound outright ridiculous. However, if they’re happy, you should support them.

No couples have the same wishes and goals. Respecting different appetites is hard and you won’t always get what you want. Nonetheless, a little compromise here and there and you’re all set.

6. When You Forgive, Let It Go

We make mistakes from time to time. It’s a way to grow stronger and better. The harsh reality we have to face after a mistake is cured only by forgiveness.

Happy couples know how to deal with wrongdoings. When they have made a mistake, they offer a sincere apology. If they are, by chance, the wronged party, they accept a sincere apology. Once you forgive your partner, make sure to let go and never mention a resolved issue in future arguments.

7. Care About Your Partner’s Pain

From time to time, one of you will get hurt either because of the other, or because of something or someone else. Your job is to handle the healing process.

Try to offer emotional support as long as the partner decides to receive it. Once they do, make sure to lessen the harsh moments by creating positive ones in the future.

8. Fight Skillfully

A fight is an inevitable part of any relationship. Even the perfect couples fight to defend their own opinions.

Nevertheless, not all couples know how to fight skillfully. It’s a power you learn with practice. When in conflict, you have to respect your partner’s opinion and avoid interrupting them. What’s more, you should talk only about the current issue, and not previous problems that you already resolved.

9. Give Each Other Some Space

Two people would probably go crazy if they were to stay together 24/7. We have different hobbies and habits and we should respect them mutually.

In this case, forget about compromise. Giving each other space not only lets you do what you want but improves yours and your partner’s mental health.

10. Demonstrate Your Love as Much as You Can

The last secret from amazing couples is the most obvious one. Your relationship can only thrive if you demonstrate your love constantly.

Even if it’s a simple sign of affection like a peck on the cheek or a kissing emoticon, remember to give it unconditionally. Let your partner feel special every single day.

Do You Have an Amazing Relationship?

Although every relationship is unique, you and your partner can improve it with the little perks that cost you nothing but are gratifying after a while. We hope you will make your partner and yourself happy with our short tips. Enjoy the ride.

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