8 Must-Have Sex Essentials When Building A Sex Room

8 Must-Have Sex Essentials When Building A Sex Room

The new Netflix show How to Build a Sex Room has made ripples in pop culture, and for a good reason. As much as we love watching Chip and Joanna destress furniture and install shiplap, it simply can’t compare to the whips-and-chains renovations involved in building a secret sex room.

For a look at how you can build and fill your own sex room with discrete tools and multiple-use items, check out these ten must-have sex essentials:

#1: ‘Staple’ Sex Furniture

No, we aren’t talking about furniture with actual staples (though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re into.” Rather, we’re talking about furniture that lends itself to different positions and helps you change your opportunities to access pleasure.

Some excellent suggestions for ‘staple’ furniture include sex wedges, curvy chaise lounges, or an elastic chair. Alternatively, for the less showy, you could opt for a simple, position-enhancing chair instead.  

#2: Swings and Restraints

Swings and restraints are difficult to make discrete, so we wouldn’t necessarily recommend these for rooms that are supposed to look like ‘normal’ guest dwellings. However, it’s definitely a staple you want if you’re confident no one will be entering the area.

#3: Bondage Kits

Bondage kits are excellent ways to round out your sex collection and introduce you to a new world of pleasure. Bondage is also considered very low-risk, so many people who don’t enjoy more hard-core kinks can still enjoy bondage from time to time.

#4: Lighting and Scents

A sex room isn’t just about the items it contains. It’s also about creating a certain ambiance to get one “in the mood.” We recommend adding things to the room to facilitate this, such as tea light candles, massage candles, red ambient lighting, scent diffusers, or massage oils.

#5: Games

No matter how exciting you are in the bedroom, you’re bound to run out of ideas at some point. To prevent this from happening, we suggest shopping for sexy board games, dice, or other items that will help you randomize your experience. Many of these items also work well as decor!

#6: Hoops and Loops

For those who do appreciate bondage, having metal loops or hoops added to your furniture can provide a convenient spot to attach ropes, cuffs, or other items. Never resign yourself to improvisation again!

#7: Costumes

Nearly every room has closet space, so why not utilize it? Fill your sex room’s closet with alluring get-ups, role-play costumes or even edible underwear! If nothing else, it gives you a secure, secret spot to store your best lingerie.

#8: A Drawer of ‘Provisions’

One thing you don’t want to forget in your sex room is provisions to keep yourself safe. In your provisions drawer, you can keep smaller toys for yourself and your partner, as well as sanitizing sprays, body wipes, and a box of Royal Condoms.

If you want to sex-ify this drawer even more, consider using Royal’s Chocolate-Flavored Latex Condoms or Strawberry Flavored Latex Condoms.

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