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Royal Launches First Ever Luxury All Natural Organic Lubricant

Dayton, OH, June 17, 2019: Royal, the premium vegan-friendly health & wellness hygiene brand, is giving you a new reason to enjoy intimacy. Royal is launching their first ever premium personal lubricant made with all natural, non-toxic ingredients and formulated for optimal vagina pH balance and comfort. The reinvented organic lubricant is available online at the Royal website starting today.

After developing their first luxury line of all natural latex condoms, Royal wanted to continue to enhance the love life of their customers with complementary sexual health products while maintaining the high standards of quality ingredients. The company points out the necessity of caring about what goes in, and around, you and your partner’s body. The right to wellness and hygiene is a fundamental requisite to every human being, so Royal’s task is to make it affordable and available for everyone while maintaining the highest level of comfort, reliability, and safety.

The water-based Royal Lubricant contains non-toxic, vegan-friendly ingredients to help maintain the natural vaginal pH to eliminate the chances of discomfort before,  during, and after use. Additionally, the lubricant formula contains aloe extract to prevent irritation, making this product a perfect solution for customers with sensitive skin. Royal Lubricant contains no harmful chemicals and no synthetic fragrances. Customers can also enjoy using the product with Royal’s current line of natural latex condoms, polyisoprene and lambskin condoms, as well as toys.

Royal Premium Lubricant does not contain any artificial ingredients. It is free from silicone, glycerin, petroleum, parabens, and gluten, which makes it the right choice for people with allergies and delicate health.

Royal has taken an all-inclusive approach to developing its products. They saw the tendency in other brands being either male-focused or female-focused. The issue is that the “women brands” are striving to put women’s health and needs at the forefront, while the “male brands” focus on male health and needs. The most important question wasn’t being discussed. Why can't males and females care about keeping their bodies healthy, while at the same time, keeping their partners healthy? Royal believes that if everyone cares about each other’s health, it makes them more responsible, safer and prevents the spread of unwanted infections.

Neil Mehta, the company’s founder, said in a statement that “We consider ourselves lucky. Royal’s approach is resonating with both women and men of all backgrounds. Our customers’ trust us to carry the burden of designing products that keep them and their partner(s) healthy and safe, so they can enjoy what really matters, the experience. That’s why we knew we had to give them something more - a perfectly crafted organic lubricant.”

Royal Premium Personal Lubricant is available online and on Amazon offering free standard shipping throughout the United States.

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