Comprehensive Guide on Flavored Condoms

Comprehensive Guide on Flavored Condoms

There’s a misconception that flavored condoms are an odd or unnecessary sexual wellness product for men. People think that their benefits are debatable, and there’s no justifiable reason for another to use them. There’s even a chance that your partner might give you the side-eye just on the mere mention of flavored condoms. However, if you think about it, how are flavored condoms different from any kind of sexual wellness product for men?

They’re introduced during foreplay and/or intercourse to simply bring something new to the experience so people can add some extra spice to their sexual activities. So, if you are wondering what “spice” a flavored condom can add to your sex life, you’re at just the right place. Here’s all you need to know about flavored condoms.

Why is the Smell of a Condom Important?

Some people don’t like the smell of genitalia. It’s not necessarily the cleanest part of a person’s body, which is why your partner might not really be open to the idea of oral sex. The reasonable move here would be to buy condoms online since they’re one of the most basic sexual wellness products for men. But what that does is add another layer of unwanted scent. The latex material used to make some condoms are practically the same as that is used to make gloves. And, if you don’t want sex to remind you of your last dentist appointment, you’re probably going to want to look for flavored condoms.

Why Flavored Condoms?

Apart from the obvious factor of getting rid of the bad odor we already talked about, going out of your way to buy flavored condoms online has one major benefit, the scent. Think about this, have you ever seen someone smell a $5 bottle of wine. No, right? This is because there isn’t much of an aromatic experience to drinking that bottle of wine. When we talk about sexual wellness products for men, it’s the exact same situation. There’s no scent included, so you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. When you introduce flavored condoms into the mix, you’re adding aroma to your intercourse along with the flavor component during oral, which creates a ripple effect that impacts other senses as well.

Can Flavored Condoms Be Used For Penetration?

Yes – but depends on what type. We’ll explain.

When you buy flavored condoms online or in a store, for that matter, you’re mostly going to find flavored condoms for oral sex. The reason is pretty obvious. You don’t have taste buds in your pants. But some brands are not safe to use for penetration. Some use a sugar-based lube which gives them the sugary flavor that these products are known for. When inserted into the vagina, it’s harmful since it affects the pH balance.

Our Royal Chocolate Flavored Condoms and Strawberry Flavored Condoms are not sugar-based which makes them safe to use during penetration – vaginal or anal.

We don’t have to tell you this but swapping mid-intercourse to swap out condoms isn’t really the sexiest thing in the world. So, if you want to continue penetrative sex with the flavored condom, you’re going to have to use ones that are not sugar-based. Condoms are all about protection. If you’re using flavored condoms, make sure you’re not misusing them. It won’t have any adverse effects for him, but it’ll certainly ruin her night.

The Royal flavored condoms you buy from our site are FDA-approved and do not contain any sugar-based materials. They’re perfectly safe for oral and penetrative uses.

Are Flavored Condoms Effective?

No brand or type of condom is 100% effective. However, when you buy flavored condoms online, you can rest assured that they’re just as effective as any non-flavored condom of the same brand.

There are some FDA regulations that companies need to adhere to when making a product like condoms. And, when it comes to flavored condoms, they’re prepared with the same regulations in mind as regular condoms. So, rest assured, you’re getting the protection you were expecting from these lifesavers.

What Flavor of Condoms Are Available?

When you go ahead to buy flavored condoms online, there will be absolutely no shortage of flavors that you find. You’ll find everything from mint to bubblegum to chocolate to cola.

Here at Royal, we’re offering two main flavors of condoms; chocolate and strawberry, which are probably the most sought-after flavors anyways.

Closing Thoughts

We can’t emphasize the importance of protection during sex. It gives you all the pleasure of intercourse while keeping you and your partner safe from all kinds of diseases and unwanted pregnancies. It’s the reasonable thing to do that makes the experience safe and healthy for all parties involved. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a box of flavored condoms from Royal and get ready to add some flavor to your bedroom!

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