10 Biggest Mistakes When Using Condoms

10 Biggest Mistakes When Using Condoms

Condoms are the basic contraceptive method that protects people from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Although they are intended for men and their use, when we think about it a little, they are used indirectly by women, for the same reason.

Therefore, the proper use of a condom is not just a man's thing. Quite the opposite, if the condom function fails, both the man and the woman have a problem.

Unfortunately, despite unambiguous and readily available instructions, many men and women do not know how to use them properly and do not realize or refuse to acknowledge that their proper use can literally mean life or death. Find out where most couples go wrong with condom use. 

1. Selecting the Wrong Size and Material

Men often have trouble estimating their size, or most often overestimate themselves. The wrong size significantly reduces protection. For example, if a condom is too small, it will most likely break during use, while a condom that is too big will easily slip off. Choosing the right natural condom is difficult for many. 

However, if you go with the natural latex condom, it will probably fit you since it’s incredibly stretchy. But first, make sure you aren’t allergic to latex to use it safely.

2. Not Paying Attention to Damaged Condoms

Condom breakage happens for a variety of reasons. It can be due to rough sex, not enough lubrication, expired condom, or a condom that’s too small. Before intercourse, make sure it isn’t damaged. After intercourse, you should check it for leaks and further protect yourself.

3. Completely Un-rolling the Condom Before Use

Some men un-roll the condom entirely before putting it on the penis, which significantly complicates the process. It increases the risk of slipping away and ending up on the floor. The correct way to roll it while it is on the penis, holding the tip of the condom between two fingers. That way, you will remove any accumulated air and leave room for sperm. Otherwise, the condom might burst.

4. Putting Condoms Upside Down

Although it is quite difficult to pull a condom upside down because it is much harder to turn it in one direction than in another, many men do it. If such a condom contains a spermicide, then it still provides protection, but for those without it - the risk of bursting and passing sperm through it increases dramatically. Ensure the tip of the condom is facing upwards before putting it on.

5. Putting Two Condoms On at Once

Couples who want to be extra careful may think that two condoms are better than one, but it doesn't make much sense. Two condoms will tighten the penis too much, and men will lose any sensation, which will lead to condom breakage and delayed ejaculation.

6. Not Changing Condoms

If you fail to change the condom when needed, it can cost you your health. For example, when you are switching from anal to vaginal sex, you need to change the condom. You do not want bacteria from the rectum to enter the vagina.

Another crucial moment to take a new condom is when your partner has already ejaculated, but you are already in the second round. There’s probably some more ejaculate left, so make sure to eliminate it if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

7. Leaving the Condom On for Too Long

After sex, many couples like to take a moment and relax. But before that, you should remove the condom, as the ejaculate dries out quickly, which can make your skin sticky. Also, the smaller portion of sperm can enter the penis - which increases the risk of pregnancy during the next foreplay and pre-ejaculation contact.

8. Using Expired Condoms

Just as we do not drink spoilt milk or cheese, we should not use condoms that have expired. It means that if you decide to use an expired condom, it will most likely break during intercourse. Stay safe and choose condoms that aren’t past their expiration date.

9. Reusing Condoms

Reusing condoms will bring you the Darwin award. Besides being unhygienic, it significantly increases the risk of pregnancy from remaining sperm, as well as the risk of breakage.

10. Using the Wrong Lubricant

Last, if you decide to use condoms with lubricants, pay attention to the ingredients. Oil lubricants reduce the effectiveness of condoms, so go with the water-based ones. If you want to enhance your partner's pleasure, just put a little lube in the condom before he puts it on and on the condom after he puts it on. He will notice the difference, and so will you.

Do You Use Condoms Properly?

Effectiveness is only guaranteed if you use the right brand of condoms properly. Despite the logic and medical evidence, many couples still get carried away and make critical mistakes that significantly reduce their effectiveness.

For the safest use, always read your labels and avoid the biggest mistakes in condom use.

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