Cuffing Season: What to Look for in a Fall Cuddle Buddy

Cuffing Season: What to Look for in a Fall Cuddle Buddy

Fall has sprung, and singles are feeling the full effects of seasonal depression and loneliness. If you haven’t already picked something out of the Royal condom selection, now’s the perfect time to do it. Yes, the cuffing season might coincide with the coughing season, but it doesn’t have the same meaning. You’re likely wondering what it even is. Is it a sadomasochistic thing? Or maybe it’s got to do with roleplaying?

Cuffing season is neither of those (but also can be both of those things 😉). It’s the time of the year when single people want to be in a cuddle relationship to forget about the colder weather.  In case you’re one of them, here’s a guide on what to look for in a cuddle buddy.

The Definition of a Cuddle Buddy

According to a definition in Urban Dictionary, a cuddle buddy is a friend with whom one has a mutual understanding that sometimes there's an innate need to cuddle and be physically close to someone, and in the absence of a relationship, he/she can depend on the other person to provide that physical closeness in a safe, friendly environment with no reasonable expectation of complications, drama or progression of the friendship to "something more."

It does get quite chilly in the winter, so here are our tips.

Desired Traits of Your Cuddle Buddy

You Have Something in Common

First, you’ll have to find a person you share something with. Be it your taste in music or your long talks about philosophy, your cuddle buddy and you must have something in common. Since you’ll be cuddling with that person and not forcing any activities of sexual nature, you would want to talk with him or her. Find someone with whom you can have a pleasant conversation. Otherwise, you’ll get bored by the person and by dull pickup lines when you want to feel most comfortable.

He/She Wants to Be Physically Close to You

Second, the person you chose to be your cuddle buddy has to have no problem being physically close to you. Naturally, only you two can decide how the relationship will work, but if your cuffing season partner wants only sex, that's a good temporary fix, but it ain't good enough. Remember to pick the one who has no issues staying close to you without forcing it to become something more than cuddling.

You Both Like Experiencing New Things

Most people don’t know what cuffing season is and why having a cuddle buddy can make you feel better during fall and winter. It’s, therefore, most likely that at least one of you will encounter this type of relationship for the first time. So, you should look for a person who likes to experience new things, as same as you do.

He/She is Open-Minded

The cuffing season requires a new "relationship" in your life. Although it might look easy, having a winter cuddle buddy is quite tricky. It’s a new kind of "grey area" relationship and there are no rules or guidelines on how to navigate it. For this things to be successful, your cuddle buddy has to be open-minded. In other words, he or she has to be ok with this type of relationship arrangement. Also, it is good to create your own guidelines of this game once you find your cuddle partner so no one ends up disappointed.

It's Not Weird and You Have No Shame Being So Close to Someone

Lastly, your winter bundle buddy, and you have to be ready to get really close to each other whether or not sex is involved. Again, this has to do with open-mindedness and the need to have this kind of partner. Both of you have to get rid of the fear, weirdness, and shame of being close to someone. It’s the only way for the cuffing relationship to work.

Why Cuffing Season Matters

The cuffing season matters a lot to some, while others never even considered having a cuddle buddy. It depends on your preferences and your need to have someone to warm you up.

In other words, it doesn’t matter much to couples. Still, if you’re single, you probably thought of having someone by your side during the colder months.  In case you don’t like this type of a relationship arrangement, you still have your weighted blanket to warm you up to....right?

Do You Have a Cuddle Buddy? What Was Your Experience

Hit us up in the comments and let us know what types of cuffing experiences you've had. Did it go well? Was it chaotic? What advice do you have?

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