What Products Elevate Your Sexual Experience

In a recent article, Royal tackled the topic of sex etiquette, which serves as a guide to lead you through the desirable behaviors before, during, and after sex. Once you have perfected the habits, you still may feel something is missing. This is especially true for couples whose relationships last for a long time and feel they could introduce something new to the bedroom.

Whether you are in a long term relationship or just want to impress your date, here’s a list of products you can’t go without before, during, and after a sexual experience.

Before You Get It On

Everything starts with a good plan. So, first, you have to prepare the products you’d like to use with your sex partner.

Plan ahead

Start by making a list of what you need to elevate the sexual experience. It shouldn’t be a long list, and it certainly fits a post-it paper. Think of what you and your partner would like to have and use during sex and make a small shopping list. The following are some examples of what you can write on that list if you think they would enhance your sex activity.

Prepare condoms

Do you use condoms as the primary method of contraception? Not only are they one of the oldest anti-baby products, but they are one of the most effective birth controls on the market. Today you can find a variety of shapes, sizes, and even tastes. No matter if you’re looking to buy natural tailored fit condoms, or extra large condoms, make sure to always have some in your drawer so you can take them out fast when needed.

Set the mood

Setting the mood in your home is a top priority for the die-hard fans of sex scenes in the movies. It would be best if you could think about how you want your bedroom to look and purchase what you need. For instance, if you like candles, ensure you have them at home. If rose petals are your thing, get some and scatter them on your bedroom floor or your bed. For an even more romantic atmosphere, you can get silk bed sheets. Just make sure both you and your partner like it.

Products that Elevate Your Sexual Experience

Once you prepared everything to make a perfect evening, consider the products that will enhance your sex experience.

Personal lubricant

One of the products that can help you to enjoy immensely is a personal lubricant. Since saliva dries fast and doesn’t really stop uncomfortable friction, a tube of lube is what you need to prevent vaginal redness and sores, as well as make the experience more pleasurable for both women and men.

Sexy underwear

Do you like to see or wear sexy underwear? It’s what makes men horny and women feeling more sensual. If you’re a woman, invest in nice sexy lingerie to improve your sex life. On the other hand, if you’re a man, buy sexy underwear for your partner. The satisfaction will be mutual, we promise!


Sex toys became more common in the bedrooms recently. If you’re still not using one, decide which one you would prefer and use it every time you have sex. The toys are an excellent tool to make boring sex fun again.

What to Use After You Get It On

Sexual hygiene is extremely important. When your sex experience is over, you have to clean up after yourself. Luckily, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, so you won’t have to do much there, but some products are essential to keep you healthy.

Body wipes

If you’re away from home or if you are too lazy to get into the bathroom after sex, put body wipes on your list. They will remove the harmful bacteria and traces of bodily liquids, a well as moisturize and protect your sensitive skin. Plus, it’s good to have them when you’re out and about to keep your hands clean.

Antibacterial soap for toys

Since the toy goes into your vagina and on your penis, you wouldn’t want any dirt or bacteria covering it. Find where you can buy antibacterial soap made especially for toys to avoid destroying the toy material and keep your precious part clean. 

Mild body soap 

Last, you can use mild body soap to get rid of bodily liquids and sweat after sex. Make sure not to use it down under. Otherwise, you’re going to kill all the good bacteria and make your vagina or penis prone to infections.

What Products Do You Use to Elevate Your Sexual Experience?

Do you agree with our list? What products do you like to use to improve sex? Let us know in the comments below.

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