Royal Intimacy's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Royal Intimacy's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is a time of giving, so if you are looking for an original, imaginative, and above all, useful gift, consider giving your partner a sexy Xmas gift this holiday season. 

Here is our Royal Xmas gift guide with various sexy gift ideas, other than our amazing Royal products of course. Research and choose the unique gift that you and your partner will use all year long.

Gifts for Her

G Spot Rabbit Vibrator

This category includes all vibrating products used in foreplay, solo play and, during sex. In our experience, women are most fond of vibrators and clitoral stimulators. 

We chose one of the best vibrators from PHANXY, the G Spot Rabbit Vibrator. It is made from a quality, high-grade silicone and has powerful clit vibration and stimulates the vaginal opening. It also comes with heating function for the ultimate clitoris stimulation. Have your woman thoroughly enjoying the holidays with this fun toy.

AvidLove Sexy Lingerie

A beautiful set of sexy lingerie is a gift that your partner will be happy to wear. Every woman wants and loves to feel desirable, seductive, and beautiful. Pay attention to her favorite colors and the size when shopping. 

Avid Love lingerie is designed to tempt. We put them on our Xmas gift guide because they offer so many different varieties of lingerie to get you read for any intimate moment.

Adore Kegel Exercise Weights

Kegel weights serve to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and enhance the sensitivity of the vaginal area. By strengthening the musculature, they narrow the vagina, providing a more comfortable and narrow feeling during sex. 

They also prevent bladder issues and facilitate labor by strengthening the vaginal muscles after delivery. Therefore, Kegel or vaginal balls are an excellent gift for women of all ages. Think of easy-to-use Ikegel Kegel balls when shopping this Christmas season.

Yosposs Vibrating Anal Beads

Anal beads can be vibrating or not and can be used during sex or foreplay. Keep in mind that not everyone is a fan of anal games and toys, and do not buy them unless you are entirely sure that this is exactly what your partner wants.

If she likes them, consider a fun vibrating option from Yosposs. It is made from medical-grade silicone, it is hypoallergenic and has powerful vibration.

Gifts for Him

FOBONO Vibrating Cock Ring

For all men eager to experiment with sex toys, a penis ring is a great choice. It is used to strengthen and prolong an erection. What men also like about using the penis ring is the visual and sensory enlargement of the penis due to the more considerable amount of blood the penis retains, as well as the delay in ejaculation and more intense orgasm.

If you’re buying a penis ring for your male partner, consider a Penis ring from FOBONO. Their penis ring has 10 intense vibration modes and is double ringed for longer harder stronger erections.

KIROO Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack Male Masturbator

A male masturbator is one of our favorites on the holiday gift guide you can give to your partner. It is a sex toy designed so that the penis can enter it. Our choice for the sexy gift would be KIROO Fleshlight Launch, which will surely fulfill all his fantasies.

MANSCAPED Electric Groin Hair Trimmer

One of the top below the waist trimmers out there. The Lawn Mower 4.9 keeps your manhood looking trim, neat, and clean. It's cordless, waterproof and includes wireless charging for ultimate convenience. 

Get this for your partner and have them feeling fresh, clean, and sexy. Oh, and don't forget to lather on some Royal Grooming Lotion after trimming to stay super hygienic down there.

Gifts for Couples

Royal Vegan Condoms

The Holiday gift guide wouldn’t be complete without condoms. If you want to bring new pleasure to sex, what's better than gifting the healthiest and thinnest condoms ever made. These are condoms are versatile that you can have fun using them for vaginal, anal or oral sex. 

Moreover, Royal condoms are organic, all natural, gluten free, vegan friendly and overall super healthy to prevent irritation and discomfort during use.

We-Vibe vibrators for couples

This category also includes toys that stimulate a woman and a man at the same time. Vibrators for couples are mostly C-shaped toys, where one end is inserted into the vagina while the other end sits across the clitoris and stimulates it directly. The highest quality toys of this type are the toys from the We-Vibe brand.

On this Xmas Gift Guide, we recommend toy no. 1 for couples - the ultra-popular We-Vibe Sync. It is a perfect gift for couples in the distance because of the ability to control via the mobile app. It is great for everyone who wants a stronger sensation and better stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot.

DHgate Sexy Roleplay clothing

We all love to play, and we all love change. Get your partner and yourself the craziest sexy fantasy with sexy costumes and uniforms. Be it cops, flight attendants, maids or nurses; the script is up to you.

What Did You Choose from Our Royal Holiday Gift Guide?

Which of the items on the Royal Holiday gift guide would you buy for you and your partner this year? Leave a comment down below.

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