Self-Care in Times of Self-Isolation

Have you been in a bad mood lately? We all have.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly across the globe, and the mass-hysteria unnecessarily empties supermarket shelves, people feel hopeless now more than ever. Nevertheless, we’re all in it together and not everything is lost. The most crucial part of isolation is to stay positive and keep our physical and mental health safe in times of social distancing.

One way to do it is to create a routine you’ll stick to each day of the isolation. Another one has to do with our hygiene. A while ago, we wrote about the importance of sexual hygiene and how it can have an impact on your overall health. But the lesser-known aspect of it is that it can damage your mental health, which then further damages your physical health, creating a vicious circle of avoidable health issues.

Using the right products when you’re most vulnerable can have a hugely positive impact on how you feel and how your body feels. Luckily, at Royal, we dedicate our whole existence to creating products that will keep you and your loved ones healthy. 

Let’s see what you can do to stay safe even when the uncertainty hits.

Maintaining Self-Care in Difficult Times

Self-care is, without a doubt, the best practice you can maintain right now. Except for getting rid of bad habits, such as smoking, put your sexual health first on the priority list. Royal launched a set of health care products that let you enjoy an extraordinary feel of luxurious treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s face it, right now most of us are stuck in our apartments and houses with our partners. There’s no better way to spend time together than to have sex or be intimate.

First, make sure you’re avoiding sexually-transmitted infections and preventing unwanted pregnancies with Royal Condoms. Let’s be real, no one wants a corona-baby in nine months.

These specifically-tailored condoms are 100% organic and non-toxic, ensuring your intimate parts and your body will stay healthy. Along with the natural options, they come in two more flavors, strawberry, and chocolate with a variety of sizes: regular, tailored fit, and extra-large.

Second, it’s important to ensure you and your partner have a balanced pH down there and maintain satisfaction while doing it. 

Royal Organic Water-Based Personal Lubricant is the right product to keep everything perfectly balanced. It gives your intimate parts a silky-smooth touch and eliminates vaginal dryness issues with vegan-friendly, gluten-free, aloe-infused ingredients.

Last, you have to dedicate some time to your skin and body. Use Royal Body Wipes to keep your whole body refreshed and clean. They clean and moisturize the skin, as well as eliminate irritations and itching.

Each body wipe has the perfect dose of vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe and protect your body, especially your downunder regions. You can use them in your bathroom or your bedroom but also when you’re out and about.

Double-Up the Safety

In case you want to stay safe during the self-isolation period, we recommend using Royal products together. Royal Lubricants complement the efficiency of Royal Condoms, while you can stay clean on any occasion after using the discreet body wipes.

What Do You Do to Stay Healthy During Self-Isolation?

Have you ever used Royal products? If so, what is your favorite one? Let us know in the comments below! 

If no, try out one of our premium products with a 20% discount with a code STAYSAFE.

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