Can Sex Toys Improve My Sex Life?

Your sex life is starting to become less taboo, and sex, intimacy, and toys are now things discussed more often with friends - well, close friends at least.

Gone are the times when you could get a sex toy in an obscure sex shop and when vibrators were hiding in lingerie drawers. Pop culture played a big part in this - let's remember "Sex and the City," when Miranda defended her right to have a vibrator in the nightstand instead of Mother of God statue.

Yes, we live in a time when every woman who has at least one toy that will shorten her time between Tinder dates or when her husband is on a business trip. Today, you can freely place your sex toy on the shelf without anyone realizing what type of device is it.

However, the key question is: Can sex toys improve my sex life?

Reasons Behind Using Sex Toys

There are a few advantages to using sex toys. For instance, it makes us feel great, and it promotes our circulation. A constant use increases oxytocin, the “love hormone,” as well as other “feel good” hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin. 

FACT: sex toys can help women strengthen vaginal muscles and promote the secretion of vaginal fluid crucial for vaginal flora. It’s especially important for older women who lack the fluid because of health issues or the use of medications.

Also, some women can’t get an orgasm through penetrative sex, and their partner has to go a step further. It’s nothing to worry about, but there are ways to make the man’s job easier. That’s where the toy comes into play. Most sex toys give clitoral stimulation, which helps women to orgasm faster.

Male sex toys, on the other hand, improve erectile function. Since specific types of toys stimulate the penis, those who can’t have sex otherwise can enjoy a fulfilling sexual experience.

Moreover, using sex toys can bring partners closer and increase their level of intimacy. What was once thought to be a solo activity, masturbation became a practice done by couples. Numerous couples can’t have penetrative sex due to various issues. So, they can use sex toys to become close and enjoy sex again.

In case they like to experiment, metal and glass sex toys can change sensations with temperature. They offer a whole new set of sensations for you and your partner.

The advantages of using sex toys are indisputable. Having sex is great for your health, and if you spice it up with a sex toy, it will bring more fun and excitement in your sex life.

Can Sex Toys Ruin My Sex Life?

Sex toys allow couples to show their sexuality to each other. These little devices won’t ruin sex, but instead boost the sexual pleasure of both partners, and make boring sex fun again. They introduce a whole new aspect of your sex life and develop the need for a different type of sexual satisfaction. 

Traditional intercourse requires two people. With sex toys, partners can enjoy by themselves. Also, they can watch the other while using the toys, which brings a spin on usual sex practices.

Impotence is a critical issue for couples who have been having sex with one another for decades. If they never experimented in the bedroom before, now is the right time to do it. For women and men in their 20s or 30s, the idea of buying a vibrator or a fleshlight is no problem.

However, for older women and men, who would never have thought of buying a sex toy, A talk with a doctor about the topic might encourage them to relax and have fun with their partner.

Toys can help you discover how your partner orgasms and what it takes to make them feel satisfied. Arousal with a sex toy is a perfectly healthy way to increase your or your partner’s pleasure and to bring something new into a relationship.

How to Introduce Sex Toys to a Relationship

If you were raised during the time when sex was a forbidden topic, you would probably hesitate to buy a sex toy. Even if you wanted it, there could be a voice in your head telling you it’s wrong. It only makes you uncomfortable.

To avoid this unnecessary shyness and old stereotypes, you should communicate openly with your partner. Tell him or her how you feel about your sex life and that you want to play more. 

Naturally, you should choose the right time to bring up the topic. Make sure it’s when you’re alone and most intimate. For instance, you can start the conversation before going to bed or after waking up. 

For those that are in a new relationship, talking about sex toys might come as a shock to your partner. So, make sure your partner trusts you and lets you in their intimate space enough to introduce sex toys in your life. Try mentioning the topic casually before going into a deep conversation.

Last, don’t forget to choose the correct toy. No article will tell you which sex toy is best, and you will have to try until you find the one that suits you. It also depends on whether you want to use it alone or when interacting with a partner. 

Would You Use Them?

Whether you need a little change in your sex life or just want to try something new, sex toys are the perfect novelty to a relationship.

If you are unsure how your partner will accept the introduction of sex toys into your intimate life, talk to him or her because some they may misunderstand your intent, which in turn may give them confidence in their ability to meet your sexual needs. If, however, your man or your woman is bursting with confidence, surprise him with "innovation." Both you and your partner will like it.

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Thanks for the advice to casually mention getting sex toys to your partner before having a deep conversation about them. I think that a sex toy would help spice up my relationship with my husband. It would be smart to start looking at our options once we have that deeper conversation about our toy preferences.

Greta James

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